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StrikeLight helps you catch more fish at night...even in thick fog...with multiple rods.

The veteran fisherman knows the benefits of fishing at night. It's cooler and there is less competition for fish. Night time offers peace and quiet...good not only for fishing but also for the soul.

Night fishing has many advantages over fishing during the day, but there is a trade-off. If you are using multiple fishing poles, it is nearly impossible to know what is happening in the darkness at a given moment.

A bite indicator signals you when there's activity on your fishing rod. But a low-quality device is just as bad as not using one at all. You know how very frustrating false alarms are. And sound alarms don't work at night, because it's hard to determine which pole sounded the alarm.

StrikeLight is the best solution. It uses TWO super-bright LEDs in a specially designed, advanced case that focuses the light outwards like a flashlight. It has been optimally developed and tested to practically eliminate all false alarms, even during windy and all weather conditions, even with lots of boat movement. It comes with a super-strong, rugged and secure pole clamp, so your StrikeLight stays reliably mounted.


Signature Light Chamber

Unlike other night fishing lights which only feature a single exposed bulb, StrikeLight uses a light chamber that encapsulates the light and focuses it to the tip of the device. This minimizes the light fading into the darkness. This works similar to a flashlight case that focuses its light. As a result, the alarm signal that StrikeLight displays is a vivid beacon in the darkness of night when you need it most.

Dual LED Bulbs

It is difficult to know is happening at the tip of your fishing rod at night. Traditional bite indicators utilize sound to signal activity. However, when you are fishing at night with more than a single rod, it's almost impossible to tell which rod the sound came from. The most critical aspect of the sport of fishing is timing. Any time lost while trying determine where the alarm came from can mean the difference between catching that big fish or leaving empty-handed.

StrikeLight alarm system features two bulbs, not just one. You get twice the illumination, for a brighter and even more visible signal. LED bulbs are very energy efficient so you don't need to change the batteries as often. That's the last thing you want to do at night when it is hard to see what you're doing, and when the fish are biting.

Easy Battery Replacement

When it does come time to change batteries, looking for the right screwdriver or fumbling with tiny screws in the darkness is the last thing you need. Thankfully, StrikeLight makes it easy with a simple battery replacement design. Just twist the cap off the battery compartment, then replace the batteries.

Water-Resistant Housing

StrikeLight is designed to last even under a strong wind, rain, or storm. Its water-resistant housing provides protection from the elements, making it a lifelong favorite in your tackle box. Even if the bite indicator is accidentally falls in water, it will continue working without fail.

Slim Housing Design

StrikeLight boasts an attractive, slim housing design which helps to reduce bulkiness inside your tackle box. This also makes it more aerodynamic and lighter, removing unnecessary weight which adds to wear and tear on your rod, greatly decreasing its lifespan.

Plus, its aerodynamic design greatly reduces the number of "false positives" caused by the wind activating the signal.

Durable, Strong Rod Clamp

Erosion by salt and water can eat away even the toughest materials. StrikeLight comes with a durable rod clamp which is specially designed to withstand the elements of nature, allowing the bite indicator to firmly and dependably stay in place even in the worst weather. This is even more important when you're reeling in a fish, since the rod is under additional strain.

Attachment for Larger
Heavy/Surf Action Rods

StrikeLight now comes with two rod attachment sizes: Light/Medium and Heavy/Surf.

The Light/Medium Action Rod Attachment was designed for (you guessed it) light to medium action rods. A rubber coupling and the vice clamp come with the Light/Medium Action Rod Attachment Combo.

If you are a fisherman who uses heavy and surf rod action rods, consider adding the optional Attachment for Larger, Heavy/Surf Action Rods. This rod attachment will secure your StrikeLight on rods up to 0.25 inch diameter. The StrikeLight includes a Light/Medium Action Rod Attachment. But the Attachment for Larger, Heavy/Surf Action Rods has a larger rubber coupling and vice clamp. The StrikeLight is designed so that you can switch to the size rod attachment that you need.

One Click On/Off Switch

With StrikeLight, no need to fish around for the switch when it's hard to see. The power switch toggle is conveniently positioned at the end of the bite indicator. Press once to turn on or off.

This easy on/off switch allows you to conserve battery while you travel to your fishing hole. You can leave the StrikeLight on the rod. No need to remove and replace for each fishing trip.

And sound alarms won't work, because it's hard to determine which pole sounded the alarm.

Frequently Asked Question ("FAQ")

Q: Is this bite indicator activated by the motion of the rod tip or by line pull?

A: StrikeLight lights up with the vibration from the fishing rod when it gets a bite. It has a sensor that detects vibration but not movement. This eliminates false positives from wind or waves. It attaches to the rod only and has nothing to do with the line. 

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