Santa Signal: Unique Christmas Surprise for Children


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Get the only gadget in the world that signals Santa Claus to fly to your home on Christmas Eve.
Then, your kids can hear Santa up the chimney.

Here is how to make Christmas Eve even more magical for your loved little ones.
♥ Tell the story of Saint Nicholas, or as you choose.
♥ Let them know that Santa is getting very close.
♥ Send them out of the room, or otherwise distract them from the fireplace area.
♥ Attach the Santa Signal magnetically to the damper handle in your fireplace.
♥ Alert the children that he is here!
♥ Two minutes after you set the Santa Signal, it plays a recording of Santa talking, as if he was really up the chimney.
♥ Santa Signal shines a red light inside the fireplace for Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, as a part of the recorded story.

Christmas joy is assured for all.

The Santa Signal weighs only 2.5 oz. It was designed for use with the two most common types of throat damper. A new version of the Santa Signal which can be used without a fireplace will be available for Christmas 2015.

Compatible damper types

Safety features: A motion sensor will monitor the fireplace once the audio has finished playing. It will remind you to remove the Santa Signal in case you forget. Plus, the motion sensor will cause an alarm to sound the next time you use your fireplace.

The Santa Signal is intended for use by adults to enhance the wonder years of children.

Safety Reminders

• For use by adults ages 18 and up only.
• Supervise your children at all times.
• Never use the Santa Signal when a fireplace is in use with fire or heat.
• Wait at least two hours after your fireplace has fully cooled before installing the Santa Signal.
• Do not allow your children to enter, look up into, and/or touch the inside of your fireplace.
• Keep the fireplace door or screen closed while in use.
• Remove the Santa Signal from the fireplace and turn it off immediately after use.
• Requires three AA batteries (not included).
• Wipe any dirt or soot off of your Santa Signal with a lightly damp or dry cloth. Do not rinse or immerse the device in water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Do I need to have a fireplace to use The Santa Signal?
A1: No. The Santa Signal is designed to be used in the fireplace. However, parents have placed the Santa Signal on a chair in a dark room with the door slightly opened. The kids outside the room will think they are hearing Santa Claus with his reindeer inside the room. When Rudolph shines his glowing red nose, the kids will see the light through the slightly opened door. Please keep in mind that the audio is pre-recorded to sound like Santa Claus is up on the roof and mention that he is looking down the chimney. You can plan to speak during this time to distract from these words.

Q2: What if I forget The Santa Signal is still attached to my fireplace?
A2: The Santa Signal is equipped with a passive infrared motion sensor that will watch for any motion in the fireplace long after use. That way, if you forget that the Santa Signal is still attached to your fireplace, an alarm will sound as soon as you reach your hand into the fireplace. Since the motion sensor is infrared, the alarm will even activate with a push button gas fireplace.

Q3: Do I need to have children?
A3: No. Giving the Santa Signal to friends and family members with children shows that you are thoughtful enough to create priceless family memories. The Santa Signal is also perfect to bring to your friends' Christmas parties with children in attendance. The reactions are always better when there are several children. If you attach the Santa Signal while no one is looking, you will even fool the adults!

Q4: What if I don't want to teach my children about Santa Claus?
A4: OK...The Santa Signal is intended to give parents a chance to experience that brief moment in their child's life when their minds are full of wonder and magic. They will grow up soon enough.

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We made a great memory with this product last Christmas eve night. We love it!
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