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Portable privacy screen gives you a professional, plain background anywhere, any time.

Frequent webcam users and web conference users rejoice. Finally, an affordable, lightweight, collapsable, portable backdrop to provide privacy while using your webcam. The WebAround slides easily over the back of your chair.


WebAround Computer Webcam Privacy Screen


Web-Around Computer Webcam Privacy Screen Where to use
• Airport
• Office
• Hospital
• Dorm room
• Hotel room
• Starbucks / coffeehouse
• Home office
• School

When to use
→ Video conferencing
→ Making YouTube videos
→ Video chat
→ Live webcams and still portraits
→ Skype video calls

Who uses Webaround
• Call centers
• Trainers
• Salespeople
• Remote customer service agents
• Students
• Online learning teachers
• Work-from-home telecommuters
• Twitch and Youtube stars

• Anyone who needs a plain backdrop for a professional online presentation while shooting a video or teleconferencing/webconferencing.

Got a messy or unprofessional view behind you? Now you got it covered.

Hide unwanted views behind you, like a messy office, various movements and activity, or visitors entering the room.

When finished using the Webaround, it quickly and easily folds up and stores in a drawer or closet.

The Webaround folds up to about one-third of its original diameter, so it can fit inside your desk, backpack or briefcase.

Here are some active, recent Webaround customers:

Webaround corporate customers

No chair or chair back? No problem...

Use while standing, sitting on the floor, or on a stool or backless chair, too. Simply slip the Webaround strap over your head and move it down to your waist.

Specifications of the 42" Webaround

• Dimensions: 42" in diameter, and approximately 15" in diameter when folded up.
• Weight: 1 lb.
• Materials: Lightweight polyester fabric with surrounding, flexible steel ring.
• Includes a lightweight carrying bag

Specifications of the 52" Webaround

• Dimensions: 52" in diameter, and approximately 20" in diameter when folded up
• Fits virtually any size chair because of the specially-designed, adjustable, black, velcro strap
• The length from the attachment points of the black neoprene strap to the background fabric is 24.5 inches from end to end. Since it is split and has Velcro sewn at this split, it will fit virtually any chair.
• Weight: 2 lbs.
• Materials: Lightweight polyester material which encloses a surrounding, flexible steel ring.
• Includes a lightweight carry bag

Specifications of the 56" Webaround

• Available in Gray (Grey), Blue and Green. Use green screen chroma-key technology to become a part of your games.
• Dimensions: 56" in diameter. Approximately 22" in diameter when folded up.
• Weight: 2 lbs.
• Materials: Lightweight polyester material which encloses a surrounding, flexible steel ring.
• Includes a lightweight carrying bag

Web-Around PC Webcam backdrop background coverWebAround FAQ

Q1: Will the 42", 52", or 56" Webaround create a big enough background?
A1: Based on how close you are to your video device, you are in complete control of whether the Webaround will fill the entire viewing field of your video device. If you sit close enough to the camera, of course your head will fill the entire viewing field. As you move back, the Webaround will appear. Keep moving back, and at some point, the area outside of the Webaround will also appear. Please plan and measure in advance so that the Webaround size you order will be big enough to suit your needs. You may also be able to adjust the zoom setting on your webcam or camera.

Q2: Can I get a logo or design printed on my Webaround?
Yes! The fee is $18 per WebAround plus a one-time setup fee of $39. For orders of 10 or more Webarounds, we can lower the artwork printing price. Steps:
1. On this page, in the menu next to the price, make the selections for "Printed Logo/Design" and "Printing Setup Fee". Complete the checkout process.
After you place your order, reply to your emailed receipt. Attach your graphic file in one of the following preferred formats: .eps, .psd, .ai, or .cdr. You may also send .jpg, but the image cannot be enlarged.
3. On the email, tell us the position on the Webaround to print the artwork.
• Want multiple prints of the same logo on one Webaround? It is $18 per print.
4. On the email, tell us the dimensions of the print(s). Maximum dimensions of the printed art are 6" x 9".
5. We will send you a proof so that you can approve it, about 3 business days after you send us the artwork.
6. After you approve the proof, we typically ship your printed Webaround in about 1 week.

Other logo ordering info: If you sent .jpg, we will print the image exactly as you sent it. If the .jpg has a white background, then we will print it in white ink. If you don't want a white background, then you must send it in a different format and tell us "transparent background". Printing resolution is 125 dpi. Please consult a graphic artist for further assistance. We do not offer graphic artist consultation. If you do not have expertise in graphic arts, we recommend you show the graphic artist these instructions and your image before ordering. No returns on orders for printed Webarounds.

Q3: Can I get it in another color besides Ocean Blue, Gray or Green?

A3: Yes, for order quantities greater than 750.

Q4: How do I clean the Webaround?
A4: Hand-wash with a damp rag. Hang to dry. Never machine wash.

Q5: Can I iron the Webaround?
A5: Yes. To smooth out visible wrinkles, iron the fabric at the nylon temperature setting until wrinkles disappear. Make sure you keep the iron moving and do not leave it in one place for too long, as this could burn the fabric. Avoid ironing any logos on the fabric. Instead, use a pressing cloth between the logo and iron. After ironing, keep the WebAround open until it cools off.

You can also use a steamer to remove wrinkles. Simply open your Webaround and glide your steamer over the surface, leaving you with a smooth backdrop to use with your webcam.

Q6: Which types of chairs does the Webaround fit on?
A7: It stretches to fit on virtually any type of chair, except for some high and wide-backed executive type chairs.

Q8: How long will it take for my order to process?
A8: Usually it will ship the next business day. If you need same day shipping for orders placed before 2 pm Eastern, please choose Rush Order processing.

Q9: How do I fold it?
A9: Video instructions. Text instructions:
1. Hold the Webaround in front of you, with your hands even with the edges of the large chair strap facing towards you.
2. Bring hands toward each other, folding the Webaround in a U shape, almost in half.
3. Just before your wrists meet, twist them toward each other. The Webaround will start to coil around itself.

Q10: How do I put it on the chair?
A10: Slip the elastic band over the chair and adjust the strap to fit.

Q11: The screen doesn't stay flat; it always has a forward or backward tilt to it.
Q11: One of the top corners is always leaning back and the other leaning forward.
A11: If you have a round Webaround, it is made to make fit most chairs, so make adjustments using the front and back strap to straighten it. If the tilt is still there, use the spacer box included with the 52" Webaround. Place the spacer box between the back of the chair and the Webaround. The 56" Webaround has an integrated, sewn-in spacer. Also, try moving it up higher on your chair. Also, use the strap on the back to pull the top straighter. Also, try putting it on your chair backwards, with the color fabric strap on the back of your chair.

The 52" Square model tilts in one corner. The viewer of the presentation will not be able to see the tilt. If you think the tilt will bother you, then please choose the round model.

Q12: What software apps are compatible with Webaround?
A12: Zoom, GoToMeeting, WebEx, Skype, and many others.

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4 most useful customer reviews
Teresa Franklin
Jan 31, 2017
This customer purchased this item.
I have a very typical office chair from Staples. The 52" Square was too floppy and did not sit up straight. So I exchanged it for the 52" ROUND and it works great.

Advantages: Did arrive in a nice package.

Disadvantages: 52" SQUARE is too floppy for a typical office chair and did not sit up straight. ROUND is ok.
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Keith Dunn-Fernandez (Son_of_Ottie)
Apr 7, 2019
This customer purchased this item.
I bought the Webaround as a quick and easy green screen option for video game streaming to Mixer. It does just what it says it will do. The thing you can't really know is whether it's perfect for your use case until you get it.
I bought the 56" version which is really very large. And just what I wanted. I don't like to feel trapped in a small frame where I can't gesture and move around.
Even though for my personal use case I won't deploy it every day, I'm very glad I have it for an option.

Advantages: If you're not streaming a lot then putting it on and taking it off the chair is no big deal. And IF you watch the YouTube video demonstrating how to close it you won't have any trouble. They've actually told me personally that they are going to re-write their closing instructions so that they're more clear and include the YouTube address of the closing technique so the BIGGEST complaint people have is about to disappear!
As for me, I'm glad I got it. It's going to be a quirky option I use for certain occasions. Because I am only using green screen for entertainment purposes I can do something like stick googly eyes all over it and be surrounded by floating eyeballs that move when I jiggle my chair. Weird things like that are a fun option for me. So even with some of its little issues it's still useful!

Disadvantages: Closing the Webaround is very tricky until you get the hang of it but just watch the demo on YouTube and you'll be golden. Also be VERY careful when you open it! It slaps open and anything in the way, kids, pets, plants, crystal vases, 65" $2000 4K TV sets, your nose...can get a very painful and possibly costly WHACK.
As I said, this is best for people who don't stream a lot. Maybe once a week or so. If you need to leave it on your chair because you stream daily or three times a week you may find it's too cumbersome for 24/7. It turns a computer chair into a throne with a big green back.
The only other thing, and this is pretty common with any green screen that's portable, you'll probably have to crop the image from your webcam to make it so ONLY you and the green screen are visible. And then you'd better not roll around in your chair because the Webaround goes with you and might expose your real room around an edge. A stationary screen won't do that. After you crop, the room will be covered and if you roll out of frame...well that's your silly mistake.
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Al LaCroix
Mar 17, 2018
This customer purchased this item.
I bought this to use Virtual Background in Zoom. I didn't want people to see my messy office in the background. For that purpose, it works well. I wish there were instructions for using a green screen with other applications, like Skype, Hangouts, etc. I tried OBS, but it is too complicated for me to figure out.

Advantages: Creates a quick and easy green screen attached to the back of your chair. Easy to attach. Fairly wide to block most of the view behind your chair.

Disadvantages: I have the square version. Since the screen comes / stores in a small bag, the screen does not stay flat when open. The slight curve in one corner creates a flaw in the virtual background. This flaw wouldn't apply to the ROUND version which is completely flat. I just needed the square for my work.
Loading...Was this review useful to you? Yes (3) / No (0)
Nov 2, 2018
This customer purchased this item.
It does exactly what it said it would. I've very pleased with it. Now I have to upgrade my computer to get the virtual background to actually look right.... That is the only hitch.
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