Kangaroo Karrier

Kangaroo Karrier is now a patent pending and trademarked item  that was designed by the inventor from her pet peeves. She was so tired of bringing around a bulky purse and just wanted to take essential items with her for convenience. She doesn't leave home without it and everyone seems to find several different uses for one. Making life easier is but one of the many things that it can do for you.

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Knubie LLC

The idea for Flowspoon was conceived at a time when Flowspoon inventor Donna Hougland was taking care of a baby, 6 months old, who got frustrated while trying to suck off baby cereal from a spoon. Donna used a piece of clear packaging tape to create a spoon that has a hole at the tip. It worked like magic. Upon realizing that she had an idea which could be shared with others who were in the same situation, Flowspoon was born.

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