Rheem is an industry leader of total cooling, heating and water heating solutions, respected for its reliability. In fact, Rheem is among the very few international brands with product offerings covering commercial and residential cooling, heating, hybrid, and conventional storage-style water heaters, indoor air quality accessories, tankless water heaters, hydronic and geothermal systems, solar water heating systems , and replacement parts for every category, making Rheem a one-stop Water and Air comfort solutions provider. Every Rheem product meets or exceeds rigorous regulatory and industry standards for efficiency, quality, air & water quality, and reliability. From design and fabrication to the assembly of finished products, all phases in the manufacturing process are rigorously measured and monitored to ensure the only highest quality, operating excellence, and durability. Rheem products are tested routinely and certified by different third-party and government testing labs to ensure that quality standards are met. Rheem is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. It manufactures in Fort Smith, AR; Montgomery, AL; Oxnard, CA and Eagan, MN. Every manufacturing facility is ISO 9001 certified. Rheem runs a cutting edge Parts Distribution center in Randleman, North Carolina and distribution facilities all throughout the US and also in Brampton, ON, Canada. Rheem also has a global presence in countries such as Singapore, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. In 1988, Rheem became a fully owned subsidiary of Paloma Industries from Nagoya, Japan, the world's largest maker of gas appliances.

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Rinnai is headquartered in Nagoya, Japan, with 86 sales offices and 20 branches in addition to 6 domestic production facilities. Rinnai maintains its presence international with subsidiaries and affiliates in Brazil, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the People's Republic of China, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, the United States and the United Kingdom.

History and Experience

Rinnai has more than 30 million tankless water heaters installed throughout the globe. They have been heating water efficiently since 1964, and since 1974, they have been selling their heating appliances in the US. Rinnai is the world's largest manufacturer gas appliances.


Rinnai was chosen by the home builders in Builder Magazine as the 2010 Builders' Brand Leader. Rinnai also received the Super Nova Star Award for energy efficiency, a prestigious award from the Alliance to Save Energy. also picked Rinnai as The Best Tankless Whole-House Water Heater.

Reliability and Quality

“If you want it done right...” All Rinnai products and components are designed, engineered and built in-house. Their segment leading appliances show over 45 years of improvements and innovations. Their experience in manufacturing and developing tankless water heaters is just as comforting as the unending hot water supply.

The Rinnai System

The Rinnai system is a solution that comprehensively takes advantage of the flexibility and efficiency of the tankless water heater. Use the highly efficient Rinnai tankless water heaters to heat your home. Use controllers to precisely set water temperatures for multiple areas in your home. All of this ensures comfort and also prevents scalding accidents. Even better, their unique concentric venting system, intended for units installed indoors, requires only a single penetration for both exhaust and intake. This proprietary vent pipe removes the guess work from finding the proper materials, maximizing space usage, and safety.


With Rinnai's tankless water heater, you get all the reliability and durability of a copper heat exchanger which is both commercial grade and comes with an industry-leading 12-year limited warranty.

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About The RoadPro Family of Brands

Living Life On the Road

Life on the road can be difficult, and by mentioning "life on the road," you might think of a wide range of experiences. Maybe it's the song, "On The Road Again,"  by Willie Nelson. Or you might remember some mechanical break-downs in some small town (where you stayed for a few more days after the vehicle was fixed...), extreme weather, poor directions that wasted your time, or road rage. We're sure you can think of a few more, too.

To help, the folks at RoadPro dream big and dream positive. Their dream on the road includes pure excitement, independence and freedom, with a positive focus and nothing to worry about. They know life is not like that, though. When reality hits, it becomes clear that life on the road requires good tools. It's too common to find bad food and unfriendly surroundings, poor sleeping hours, restrictive parking, and time away from your family and friends.

The surroundings can be unfamiliar and the road can be lonely. The connection with others is often challenging and the level of comfort, well, you know, it's definitely not home. That's the point where your RoadPro Family comes to help. We offer a variety of product solutions, delivering the safety, convenience and comfort you are seeking while on the road. RoadPro products range from durable appliances and rugged apparel, to accessories that plug into your cigarette lighter. They are all specifically created to bring some comforts of home to the road.

Probably you have already seen our gadgets on the road. The RoadPro Family has been making general and travel-related merchandise for more than 50 years with some brands, and over 20 years for nearly all the rest. It has successfully passed the test of time. Its products have been your travel companion for many generations.

Add the comforts of home to your next trip.

RoadPro Family of Brands is distinctly designed to provide the Comfort of Home to the Road. Featuring truck and auto products, mobile electronics and travel gear, our products offer safety, convenience, connectedness and comfort to on-the-go consumers.

Product quality at a great value.

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