Urban Creation

Urban Creation

Choke - urban creation, a young German based startup, aims to combine everyday products with artistic designs from around the world. In 2011, three friends from a university got together because of a passion that they shared for the work done by street artists within and outside German borders. Their goal is to bring more color to the urban scenery, and to bring creativity where it is least expected. Moreover, Choke's unique products serve as voice for political statements and depictions of life which might go unheard otherwise.

The idea for their first ever product line, Choke - Umbrellas, came from Glasgow's rainy streets. While observing the monotony of a rainy day in a modern metropolis, it's hard not to miss the blazes of summer colors. They decided that they should give people the opportunity to show their love for color and art even when confronted with the stormiest weather. With the passion for the work done by street artists and inspired by the beauty of their designs, the product quickly took shape.

The folks at Choke - urban creation believe in combining world class designs with high quality products to create something that has never existed before. They aim to create a platform which artists from different countries can use to promote unconventional ideas and creative thinking. The product's custom style, from its motivation up to the company logo, is confined only to the artists' imagination. So far, they have cooperated with artists from New York, Buenos Aires, and Tehran. Moreover, they constantly seek to expand their network and establish cooperation with other professional artists around the globe. To keep the spotlight on the artists along with their fascinating stories, every product packaging features the artist's biographies. Choke - urban creation is about passion, good friends, artistic expression and quality. Become part of their world. Today.

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