PhoneFetcher Cell/Mobile Phone Cord or Chain


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Always keep your mobile phone attached to your bag, and easy to find. Never miss another call as you search for your phone!

End the stress of losing your cell phone, and spending valuable time looking for it. Quit retracing your steps to search your home, restaurants, cars, taxis, or your office because you lost it somewhere. PhoneFetcher will keep your cell phone or other mobile devices connected to your purse, baby bag, gym bag, backpack, belt loop, or wherever you want.

PhoneFetcher helps prevent:
• spending money to replace your lost cell phone,
• missing a call because you can't find it before it stops ringing,
• your phone from falling on the ground, or other undesirable places. How many times have you or your friends dropped and smashed the mobile phone? Or, dropped it in the toilet, sink, pool or lake?!

PhoneFetcher Cell Phone Cord or Chain PhoneFetcher Cell Phone Cord or Chain

Just attach one end to your bag, and the other end to the earphone/headset outlet (3.5mm or 2.5mm) of your Blackberry, Smartphone, mp3 player, or other mobile device. Follow the cord from where it is attached to your phone. You can leave PhoneFetcher hanging outside your bag to remind you of whether or not your phone is attached. PhoneFetcher length of all styles is 12".

PhoneFetcher is available in nine colors and uses a stretchable bungee cord. You can easily text and use your phone while it is connected to PhoneFetcher. The metallic chain style is available in silver, gold, nickel, and black. The chain versions are not stretchable. Metallic gold, nickel, and black are heavy duty chains. All styles are fashionable.

Made in America

PhoneFetcher Cell Phone Cord or Chain

Bling Aqua color shown

PhoneFetcher Cell Phone Cord or Chain

Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQ")

Q: Which phones will PhoneFetcher work with?
A: PhoneFetcher will work with any phone that has a standard earphone/headset jack that is 3.5mm or 2.5mm.

Q: How strong is the attachment to the phone?
A: PhoneFetcher is strong enough to remain attached to a smartphone as it falls to the ground.

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