Hands-Free Rain/Sun Umbrella/Parasol Holder


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Keep your umbrella over your head and both hands free.

Note: Umbrella not included. Product is a holder only.
Does not work with CURVED umbrella handles.

The Freedom Hands-Free Umbrella Holder comfortably secures an open umbrella to your back, leaving your hands free for any activity. Keep an umbrella over your head and hands free for fishing, watching a game in the stands, mowing the lawn, or taking your dog for a walk.

Are you doing an activity that you need both hands free, while the weather is too hot and sunny, or raining, and you'd like to use an umbrella?

Use for:
• fishing
• push mower or riding mower (and you need two hands on the wheel/bar)
• elderly parents who are wheelchair bound and need to keep the sun off their fragile skin
• walking with a cane or crutches when the weather is too hot or rainy
• biking slowly
• walking the dog

Hands-Free Rain/Sun/Snow Umbrella/Parasol HolderHands-Free Rain/Sun/Snow Umbrella/Parasol Holder
Stay under the shade whether you're mowing the lawn or walking your do.
(Product for sale is a Holder only. Umbrella, mower, dog, bike or wheelchair is not included.)

Hands-Free Rain/Sun/Snow Umbrella/Parasol HolderHands-Free Rain/Sun/Snow Umbrella/Parasol Holder
The Holder even works with bikes and wheelchair. 

Construction Details

The Hands-Free Umbrella Holder is made of a very durable, black, 1.5" strap made of the same material as car seatbelts: polypropylene and nylon webbing.

The included belt is adjustable to fit adults as well as children. The belt adjusts to a maximum of 52 inches. However, if 52" is too small for your waist, you may use your own belt simply by sliding your belt through the belt loop. Perfect fit.

The brolly holder's waist strap includes an umbrella/brolly handle receiving pocket that is comfortably located at the waistline level on the wearer's back. Stabilizing hook and loop Velcro-type straps prevents your umbrella from turning or getting blown away.


•  Made of black polypropylene and nylon webbing
•  Lightweight: weighs only 6 oz
•  Works with golf umbrellas and single umbrellas
•  Comes with a draw-string pouch
•  Secure and stable hold on your umbrella

Does not work with curved umbrella handles.

Hands-Free Rain/Sun/Snow Umbrella/Parasol Holder
Polypropylene material for
durability and comfort
Hands-Free Rain/Sun/Snow Umbrella/Parasol Holder
Stores conveniently
with included pouch

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