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A-Leg-Up for Home Foot Platform

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A-Leg-Up is an easy to use, light weight device that provides stability and comfort to lift your feet off the floor, making it easier to reach them for easy foot care. It is placed between the mattress and box springs of your bed. The platform should be placed to extend out from your bed about 5.5 inches. Your body weight will keep it secure. The way it extends out can save your bed linens, as well as your back. It may be used with some couches and chairs.

A-Leg-Up for Home Foot CareA-Leg-Up was inspired by the inventor, Robert Blackford. When he developed back problems, he could not bend down to do simple things like putting on his socks and shoes, or to tie them, without pain. He discovered that there were thousands of people with physical problems like him. A-Leg-Up helps those with knee or hip problems and replacements, bad backs, and anyone looking for an easier, more comfortable way to deal with their feet.

Do you know anyone who may have been in an accident, has had knee or hip surgery, just plain has a bad back, or an elderly friend or relative that could really use the help A-Leg-Up can offer? You can make life much more convenient and comfortable for them. No more cramping from bending in uncomfortable positions or getting on the floor to reach your feet. It is also a wonderful gift for yourself or any person who would like to do foot care with ease and comfort. Make life easier for yourself and/or your loved ones.

Made in AmericaHelpful Features

A-Leg-Up for Home Foot Care

♥ An aid for accident victims while they recover

♥ Use in physical therapy and rehabilitation
♥ Ease in applying lotions and sprays
♥ Painting and Trimming Toenails
♥ Putting on shoes and socks
♥ Use while standing as an easy to reach, long handled shoe horn
♥ Hole in the handle for easy hanging to store
♥ Stores easily under mattress, in dresser, and many other places






A-Leg-Up for Home Foot Care

A-Leg-Up for Home Foot Care A-Leg-Up for Home Foot Care A-Leg-Up for Home Foot Care