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Back Nodger Self Massager

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Suffer from tight muscle knots? Work the tension away yourself whenever you need it with Back Nodger.

Back Nodger Self Massager

Sitting hunched over your PC...Holding your phone against your ear with your shoulder...Carrying heavy shopping...
All can cause tight muscle knots, and it is why more people have problems with back pain, and spend lots of cash for massages, visiting chiropractors and osteopaths. Instead, buy the Back Nodger: a self-massager that will nodge away your body tension.

The Back Nodger helps rid the tension in your neck, back and shoulders. Simply hold the foam handle with two hands, hook it over your shoulder, and put the red massage head exactly on your knot.

Back Nodger Self MassagerRelax all tense knots you cannot otherwise reach:

• Stiff necks
• Tense shoulders
• Sore backs

Relax knots from:

♦ Housework and DIY
♦ Exercise and Sport
♦ Childcare
♦ Desk Work

It is time you nodge your knots. Did you know...

◊ The #1 cause of back pain is desk work.
◊ 5 million working days annually are lost due to back pain.
◊ 85% of back pain cases have no clear diagnosis.
◊ 1 in 3 new moms develop back or neck pain within the first 6 months of childbirth.
◊ 75% of pregnant women have back pain during pregnancy.
◊ Mothers lift their pre-school children an average of 30 to 40 times per day, equalling one ton of lifting.

Back Nodger Self MassagerUse Back Nodger during breaks from desk work

It is extremely important to take regular breaks from sitting at your desk, as well as keeping a good posture while sitting. The Back Nodger will help you to release the tension and knots from your shoulders and upper back area during your long days at work.

Why it works

It may feel like a masseur's thumb, but it comes on a portable and lightweight stick. So, it's easy to nodge your knots front of the TV or at the office. And since you know just how much pressure you need, you might get more relief than paying $70 per hour for a massage therapist.

The Back Nodger uses a particular method of releasing knots known as Shiatsu or Acupressure massage. It is an ancient Japanese technique that is used by sports and massage therapists to treat athletes. By applying intense and focused pressure into knots, the 'trigger points' as they are professionally known, you can quickly reduce muscle tension. As soon as you apply pressure, the oxygenated blood will rush to the tissues and reduce the muscular contraction.

Back Nodger Self MassagerHow to nodge your knots.

In six easy steps you will nodge your knots like a pro.

Hold the handle with two hands, one above the other.

Place the red locator spot on a knot.

Relax your shoulders, inhale deeply through your nose and exhale. Relax your arms completely.

Apply focused pressure into the knot by pushing the foam handle away from you.

Stay relaxed and feel the pressure. Take one deep breath in and out.

Finally, move the Back Nodger head to another spot of the same knot or to a different knot.

Back Nodger Self Massager

Back Nodger Self Massager "I recommend the Back Nodger to our patients who have localized tension. This device is indicated as a remedy for everyday stresses and tensions between our treatments."

- Dr. Michael Durtnall
Founder of Sayer Clinics
Back Nodger Self Massager "As a sports therapist, I work with some of the world's top tennis players. These clients have found the Back Nodger fantastic for relaxing over-worked tendons and tight areas around the spine".

- Stefan Duell
Personal therapist to Janko Tipsarevic and Mikhail Youzhny. Licensed Massage Therapist, Sports Physiotherapist and Rehab Expert
Back Nodger Self Massager "I love the Back Nodger because it is so easy to use and it really works to release all the knots people get from doing daily things like sitting at a desk, raising your children, or exercising."

- Paula Coates
Clinical Lecturer, Kings College London, and Back Specialist. Author of Exercise Your Way To Health and Running Repairs.

Back Nodger Self Massager Back Nodger Self Massager