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Bandshell iPhone Case-Protector + music-sound-mp3-video amp

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Improve your iPhone's sound quality and increase its volume. Bandshell's impact resistant plastic protects your iPhone like no other. It features a simple, lightweight design in cool/hot colors.

The Bandshell is a durable, dual-purpose iPhone case that not only protects your iPhone but enhances your listening and viewing experience as well. The Bandshell amplifies the volume and sound quality of your music and videos, without the need for cords nor extra speakers. The Bandshell's flat side makes watching movies and videos easier, without having to hold your iPhone or lean it against something.

Listen to music, watch movies/videos, host a conference call or even make a live recording with your iPhone. The Bandshell's patented retractable sound door makes it possible.

Bandshell makes use of a combination of snap closures and latches, which keeps your iPhone protected and safe - even if you drop it. Plus with its 12 great colors, you can personalize your iPhone in style. Click the thumbnail image above to see all colors. Select your color in the pull-down menu above the "Add to cart" button.

Want to spice up more personalization? The Bandshell's patented retractable sound door is interchangeable with other Bandshell products. For example, if you love the New Orleans Saints NFL team, you can put on a front side copper with a back side silver. Just find a friend willing to trade colors with you, or buy two Bandshells.

The Bandshell is designed to fit iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS.