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BOB: Parent's TV, video game timer-control for kids

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Parents love BOB because it's their practical tool for managing the amount of time their kids spend watching TV, surfing the web or playing video games.

Better health, improved grades for children are associated with reduced TV and game time. BOB is the solution to put an end to this child-parent conflict with TV watching and game playing hours. With BOB, parents set time limits. Once the time is up, then the electronics shut off.

How BOB Works

Plug any device into BOB through its lockable compartment.
Plug BOB into a 110V outlet.
• Users must enter their PIN to turn on the device that is plugged into BOB.
Once users reach their limits, BOB automatically shuts off the screen.

Benefits of BOB

BOB becomes the bad guy in screentime negotiations
Get your kids to consume only the recommended 1 to 2 hours of quality programming per day. This can lead to improved grades and overall health.


Safe for all gadgets and electronics
Small, easy to use, and takes only 3 minutes to set up
Made of a durable material
Completely tamper-proof
Tracks and reports the screentime of up to 6 users using their unique PIN
Power outages do not affect BOB's settings.
Parents can set the daily or weekly screentime limits of each user.
Parents can block access on specific hours. Up to 5 blocks per day can be set for each user.
Parents have a master PIN for full access.
"FlyTime" lets parents easily do one-time addition or removal of screentime on any user with 15-minute increments.

Power Modes

Normal Mode - The default setting. No need to change this unless you are using it for a projection TV, or if the device must be properly shut down.

Cool Down Mode - Critical for projection TVs. Ensures a proper shutdown by letting the internal fan cool the TV down as it shuts off.

Always On - For devices that should not be turned off abruptly. When a user has reached a limit or block, a 60-second countdown will start, and then an alarm to notify the user to turn the device off. Then, if the user does not turn it off, BOB will.

More Info

We love television, computers, and video games. Why then should we limit things that we love? Because too much of a good thing creates imbalance.

Did you know that the average American child spends time in front of a TV or computer screen 3-5 hours a day, every day? Bring that time down to 2 hours per day, and you've just given your child up to 1000 extra hours of childhood each year. A thousand more hours of just being a kid....That is a precious gift.

And what will kids do with all that extra time? Exactly what you did as a child: play hide-and-seek, ride bikes, enjoy family game-nights, write in their journal, play sports, play hopscotch and do all the other fun things you so enjoyed.

That's why we say, "Kids should be kids." So enjoy BOB, enjoy life, and remember to play.


Q: How many devices will BOB control at once? Ideally, I would like to use it for TV, iMac, laptop and 3DS.
A: BOB will control power to one plug, which could be a powerstrip which you could plug multiple devices to. Then, you could use zip ties to secure those powercords to the powerstrip and prevent someone from unplugging from the powerstrip to plug into an outlet.