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Booster Bath: Medium Portable Dog Bathing Tub

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$149.00 - $153.95
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Make bath time easier and more fun at one fourth the time and one tenth the hassle.

American made product

With Booster Bath, dog owners will experience the most lightweight, effective, affordable and portable dog bath. Thousands have already fallen in love with the Booster Bath. No more dogs in your bath tub or shower. No more chasing dogs through the back yard with a hose. Now bath time is easy and fun.

Use it in the garage, basement, laundry room, or anywhere outside.

Booster Bath solves the three most difficult aspects of dog grooming: bending over or kneeling, keeping the dog in place, and you not getting soaked.

Plus, you and your dog won't be slipping and sliding around. You won't be chasing the shampoo bottle as it scoots away. No more messy bathroom cleanup.

Bathing is now a bonding experience with your pet, rather than a chore. Both will love the Booster Bath for years, because it is built to last a lifetime.

Appropriate Size Dog Breed Examples

Easy to store

• Pug
• Beagle
• Jack Russell
• Welsh Corgi
• Cavalier King
• French Bulldog
• Cocker Spaniel
• Scottish Terrier
• Miniature Schnauzer
• American Eskimo Dog


• Legs snap on an off easily. Makes storage a snap.
• Rubberized, grippy tub bottom mat helps prevent your dog from slipping and sliding during bath time. This reduces your and her stress.
• Adjustable 3-point dog restraint system
→ Quick snap adjustable and removable collar
→ Three large, plastic, five-star knobs with stainless steel inserts
• 360 degree access for quick bathing and drying
• Can be used indoors or outdoors
• Feet include rubber bumpers to keep your Booster Bath from slipping on smooth floors
• Save your back, bathroom, money and time
• Made in the USA
• 2 year warranty

Included items

• Snap-on pedestals let you set the Booster Bath 4" higher, so you can reach smaller dogs more easily
• Shampoo caddy
• Fan-shaped spray nozzle gives you quick washing coverage.
→ Includes on/off and water volume control.
→ Dial to a gentle stream or heavy flush.
→ Flat water pattern allows you to sweep away soap and suds.
→ Snaps on the rim of the BoosterBath. Lets you grab it quickly and easily.
• 5' flexible drain hose allows you to direct drainage away from the wash area


• Dimensions: 16.75" L x 33" W x 10" D. Total height is 33".
• Leg foot print: 27" x 42". Leg height is 23".
• Overall height: 25" at the 'U' entrance, 32" to rim of tub
• Product weight: 14 lbs
• Maximum weight holding capacity: 75 lbs.
• Booster Bath and leg materials are 0.25" thick for plenty of strength
• Made of 100% virgin, UV stabilized PolyPropylene for long life and durability, even when left in the sun every day

Frequently Asked Question ("FAQ")

Q1: What type of hose connection does it have?
A1: Booster Bath only includes a drain hose. You will need to provide your own garden hose to wash the dog with. Booster Bath does include a spray nozzle that can attach to the garden hose.