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Bradford White ElectriFLEX LD Commercial Electric Water Heater Tank

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Bradford White's space saving ElectriFLEX LD (Light Duty) Commercial Electric Water Heaters offer superior flexibility with multiple conversion options in the field

98% Thermally Efficient
♦ Save time and money because the ElectriFLEX LD models can be converted in the field to many different configurations of voltage, phase, amperage and wattage
♦ Full flexibility with 16 different wattages (1.5kW through 12kW). Factory-set voltages are convertible to or from 120V, 208V, 240V, 277V and 480V. The 12kW setting is for dual element models only. Single element models have ten inputs available from 1.5 kW through 6 kW. The LE16U and LE112T models have four settings available from 1.5 kW through 3kW.
♦ No kit required for conversion from three phase to single phase or from non-simultaneous to simultaneous operation. This saves time at the installation.
♦ Voltage and kW input conversion kits allow a maximum number of configurations
♦ Perfect for multiple applications including fast food restaurants, gas stations, strip malls, and more.

ElectriFLEX Light Duty upright models offer capacities from 30 to 119 gallons. They are a great choice for moderate-use commercial applications. Benefit from field convertibility for various wiring configurations.


► Controls are fully automatic.
* Temperature control is automatic with fast-acting surface-mount thermostats
* Extra safety with overheating prevention using factory-installed sensitive manual reset energy cutoff
► Efficient and direct heat transfer from immersed elements to the water. Replace elements simply by unscrewing the old ones.
► Hydrojet Total Performance System: Helps prevent sediment build-up in the tank. The reduces the time to heat up water and reduces the amount that tank materials are heated, increasing efficiency.
► Vitraglas lining: Exclusive to Bradford White Vitraglas is an engineered enamel formula that provides excellent tank protection from the highly corrosive effects of hot water. Vitraglas is fused to the steel surface with temperatures of over 1600°F (871°C).
► 2" of non-CFC foam insulation covers the sides and top of tank. This results in lower energy use by reducing the amount of heat loss, plus improved operation efficiency, and jacket rigidity.
► 3⁄4" NPT water connections. These true dielectric fittings extend the tank's life and makes installation easier. The LE2120T model has 1" NPT dielectric water fittings.
► Factory-installed heat traps incorporate a flexible disk that reduces pipe heat loss and noise. (All models except the LE2120T).
► Magnesium anode rods provide added protection against corrosion increasing reliability and durability.
► Heavy gauge steel tank is automatically formed, rolled, and welded.
► Field convertible: Tanks are shipped from the Bradford White factory configured as three phase, non-simultaneous operation, and can be quickly converted to single phase and/or simultaneous operation.
► Field conversion kits are included so that the pro can change voltage and wattage at the job site. See options in the specification download below.
► T&P relief valve included on top of tank.


3 or 5-Year Limited Warranty on the tank. 1-Year Limited Warranty on parts. This warranty is for products installed in USA, Canada and Puerto Rico. See a complete copy of the warranty included with the heater or at