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Camplux AY132 5L Portable LP Propane Shower Heater

by Camplux
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$199.00 - $233.94
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Camplux on sale, propane portable shower heaterThe Camplux AY132 Portable Tankless Heater provides instant, unlimited hot water wherever you are. Just connect to a propane tank, pop in the two D cell batteries, connect up the running water, and wash up.

The off-grid portability makes the Camplux AY132 perfect for campsites, family vacations, cabins, in the horse stables, and around the house. Take a hot shower, give your pets a bath, wash your car or boat. Or, add the Camplux Portable AY132 Tankless Water Heater to a pressure washer to get heated cleaning.

Ignition is by 2 "D" cell batteries which makes it great for off-grid or wherever there is limited or no electrical supply. The AY132 also works great with water fed from a 12-volt pump.

Camplux L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater

Camplux AY132 is CSA approved

Convenient Features

The AY132 has the lowest water pressure start up available! Just 3.6 PSI of water pressure and flow rate of 0.44 GPM activates the ignition. (35 PSI water pressure needed to maintain the heating and gas flow).

• Portable
• 28,000 BTU/hour
• 40°F to 45°F temperature rise at a flow rate of 1.3 GPM. The showerhead flow rate is 1.3 GPM. If you remove the showerhead, and the flow rate is faster, then the temperature rise will be less.
• Stainless steel burner. Copper alloy heat exchanger.
• Battery ignition with two D-cell batteries (not included) means no electrical service required, and no pilot light.
• Dimensions: 14.8" high (20.28 from extended handle to bottom bracket), 11.42" wide, 4.33" deep (5.9" including knobs on front and handle folded down)
• Weight: 10 lbs.
• Water pressure operating range: 3.6 PSI to 110 PSI
• Manual water temperature controls
• Water-controlled ignition
• 1/2" water inlet and outlet connections. Garden hose adapters included.
• 5/8" NPT gas pipe connection
• Safety features:
- Over-heat protection
- Dry-combustion protection
- Flame failure sensor
- Drain plug to allow draining to prevent freezing
- Oxygen depletion shut off to sense when there is insufficient fresh air for operation.
• CSA certified heater and regulator hose
• One-year manufacturer warranty for heater and internal parts. 30-day warranty for accesssories (showerhead, hose, gas regulator). Please see page 21 of the manual for further details.

Other Specifications

  • Not approved for drinking water use.
  • The manual states that usage is not recommend above 2000 ft elevation. However, customers have reported that it works great at 3500 ft. There is a 10% decrease in heating capacity for every 1000 additional feet. Therefore, you may find that it does not heat sufficiently at higher elevations.
  • Pressure release valve pictured in the manual is not included, as stated on page 10 of the manual.

Unit includes:

• Portable propane water heater
• Shower head with on/off switch on and multiple spray patterns
• 60" red hose for shower head and snap on connector
• CSA regulator with 60" black hose for use with 10 to 100 lb propane tanks (including 20 lb barbecue grill type tanks)
• Garden hose adapter
• Mounting hardware
• Teflon tape
• User manual

Frequently Asked Question ("FAQ")

Q1: Is it possible to use the the small Coleman-type propane canisters, or the 1 lb camp stove size bottles as a fuel source?
A1: Yes. Simply use an adapter for the regulator to convert the standard connection to the smaller thread size. These adapters are not included, but available elsewhere at most hardware or outdoor supply stores.

Q2: How long will a 20 lb tank last as the fuel source for this heater?
A2: One of our customers reported that a 20 lb tank lasted one month for two or three showers per day. Or, that's one shower per day for two to three months.