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Christian Cross Indoor-Desktop LED Light

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This Christian cross-shaped LED light provides a pleasant, warm glow and can be placed on your desktop, put on your window sill, mounted on your wall... anywhere.

A useful and symbolic light source.

Use at Home, For Holidays, Communion, Babtism, or at Church. Anytime.
Appropriate on any surface such as your desktop, on the walls, in your church, in the window, or anywhere you want to display this symbol of faith. Display especially during the Christian holidays of Christmas, Easter, Good Friday, Ash Wednesday, and during Lent.

80% savings over standard light sources.
This wonderful LED light emits a warm (not harsh white), pleasant light. It is also practical because it serves as a reading light. Most importantly, it is a comforting reminder of your worship and faith in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost.

It's cool. Literally.
Our Christian Cross LED light stays warm, not hot to the touch unlike halogen and xenon bulbs that burn so hot they can be a fire hazard if not properly installed.

Don't fade away.
This beautiful LED light has no effect on printed colors and artwork. Compare this to halogen and xenon bulbs, which emit UV rays that fade printed colors and artwork and can cause irreparable damage to your priceless possessions (even halogens that advertise they are UV shielded STILL cause fading. I found that out the hard way...)

Specifications and FeaturesChristian Cross Indoor/Desktop LED Light

LED feature Save money: Extremely long life: more than 50,000 hours
LED feature Save money: Extremely low power consumption: 2.3 watts versus 16 watts incandescent
LED feature Plug into any wall outlet (110v AC)
LED feature 211 lumens light output (same as 16 watt incandescent bulb)
LED feature Very low heat emission


LED feature Dimensions: height 4.875" x width 3.25" (121 mm x 83 mm)
LED feature Integrated 48" electrical cord with on/off switch close to the light
LED feature Built according to the highest standards
LED feature Made in the USA

Do you want different color LED panels? Or a different size, configuration or design? We can do it in quantity, to meet your specifications.