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CommuteMate Shoulder Strap Adjuster For Seat Belts

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$9.95 - $14.90
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The safety provided by seatbelts is a must for long drives, and people of different shapes and heights. But the strap can get uncomfortable when it touches or rubs your neck. The CommuteMate Shoulder Strap Adjuster keeps your seatbelt strap in a comfortable position, so your neck stays strap-free. You get all the safety of an effective seatbelt while staying comfy.

Features at a glance CommuteMate Shoulder Strap Adjuster For Seat Belts

• Universal fit
• Tested for crash safety
• Two seatbelt adjuster pieces
• Proven by reasearch at the University of Michigan to help you maintain an upright position on impact
• Provides people of all sizes with a snugly-fit seatbelt strap

Easy to Install in a few seconds

After putting the clip on the seat belt, you can adjust it by simply sliding it along the seat belt. Once on, the clip will stay there.

The sliding clip allows you to move the seat belt shoulder strap off of the neck. It provides extra comfort for both drivers and passengers during your drive or trip.