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Cracow Men's Lightweight Insulated Heated Jacket

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Face the cold outdoors with a comfortable jacket that heats up on command.

The Cracow Heated Jacket provides heat on command with minimal bulk. It's composed of a compressible insulation that is breathable, lightweight, thermally efficient and water resistant. By combining the Volt Zero Layer heating system with 80 grams of insulation, this jacket has more than doubled its insulation factor giving it the highest warmth-to-weight ratio in the market. Its quilted shell and silky soft mini-ripstop nylon lining make it a good jacket to wear alone, but it's also lightweight enough to be worn under a waterproof shell to add more warmth and to keep you dry in even the worst weather conditions. The Lycra thumb-through cuffs keep a firm fit and seal out the cold.


• Includes 7.4v 2900mAh battery with charger
• Silky soft mini rip-stop nylon lining and shell
• 80 grams of thermally efficient, lightweight polyester fiber insulation
• 3 zone heating with 1 large back heating panel and 2 chest heating panels
• Provides up to 170°F of soothing heat for at least two hours on the highest setting. (The heating elements in the Cracow Insulated jacket at room temperature, 68-70°F, measure up to 170°F. The temperature is measured on top of the inside lining that is over the heating panel. This sounds hot but it is diffused by the material worn underneath the jacket between the heating elements in the jacket and the wearer's skin. Or course water or metals at these temperatures will burn skin, but clothing is not a good conductor of heat. That is why you can reach into a dryer and pull out clothing at over 250 degrees and don't get burned. But if you touch a zipper, watch out!)
Available in women's sizes

Size Chart

Small Medium Large X-Large 2X-Large
in cm in cm in cm in cm in cm
1 - Chest 36-37 94 38-39 100 40-42 107 43-44 112 45-48 120
2 - Sleeve 36-37 94 37-38 97 38-39 100 39-40 102 40-41 104
3 - Length 30 76 31 79 32 81 33 84 34 86
4 - Waist 30-32 81 32-34 84 34-36 89 36-39 94 39-42 107