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Drakken iHeat HS-4 3.5kW 120V 28A Electric Tankless Heater

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$224.95 - $229.90
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iHeat logoThe iHeat HS-4 is a feature-rich tankless water heater intended for point-of-use applications such as under-sink, booster, or very low-flow rate showers in warm climates. Use in boats, apartments, hospitals, condos, cabins, studios, clinics, schools and pool houses.

High-performance, small-package features

• IXP4 Water proof enclosure, allows for under-counter installations.

• Flow sensor activated

• No stand-by heat loss compared to tank water heaters

• Saves up to 50% on energy consumption with the 99% EF

• No wating for heated water. Heats water instantly and never runs out of heated water.

• High limit safety temperature switch. Easily resets manually.

• Horizontal pipe design eliminates air from water line (no dry firing to damage elements)

• Temperature display rotates with a touch of the button for upside down installation and easy to use temperature zones.

• Set the temperature from 80°F to 129°F. Output temperature is not guaranteed, and depends on flow rate and incoming water temperature. Display shows the temperature setting and actual water output temperature while water is flowing.

• Conveniently includes connected conduit wire for easier electrical installation

• Incoloy field-replaceable heating elements. Resists hard water and sediment build up.

• Closed Loop Modulation™ measures water flow, inlet and outlet water temperatures 60 times per second to ensure precise temperature constantly

• Outlet pipe reduced to meet minimum delta Δ temp rise.

• Can be connected to a hot water feed or cold water feed, making it ideal for booster applications

ETL certifiedWarranty

• Heat exchanger: 5 years
• Internal Components: 3 years
• Heating Elements: 1 year

Tank vs. Tankless Heaters

Descriptions 40 Gallon Tank Tankless Heater
Estimated Lifespan 10 Years 20 Years
Energy Efficiency 0.85 EF 0.99 EF
Hot Water Supply 70% of Capacity Endless Supply
Kilowatt Usage / Yr. 4857 Kw/Hrs. 2618 Kw/Hrs.
Heat recovery Yes No
Standby Loss 20% No Loss
12 Month Operation Cost $556.00 $309.00


Dimensions 11" x 6.5" x 3"
Weight 5.2 lbs.
Cover Brushed 304 Stainless Steel, IXP4 water proof
Body/Heat Exchanger ASTM 304 Stainless Steel
Element One 1.5" Brass Plug / Incoloy
Pipe fittings 1/2" NPT
Activation flow rate 0.33 gallons per minute
Operation Pressure 25 to 150 PSI
Certifications UL-499, CSA, NSF.372 Lead Free


Temperature in °F at given flow rates
Model KW Volts Amps Breaker
HZ AWG# Current
HS-4 (this page) 3.5 120V 28 30 50/60 10-2 Single 44 33 23 -
HS-7 7 240V 29 30 50/60 10-2 Single 95 71 48 31


User and Installation Manual
Product Specifications

Product Warranty

Frequently Asked Question ("FAQ")

Q: If the power goes out, will I need to reset my output temperature setting?
A: Yes.