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Dream Cheeky USB Mini Fridge, Single Can Cooler

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Everybody knows the leery territory of the office fridge. The whole afternoon, you wander overlooking for your chilled sandwich and soda just to find your drink nicked by that unscrupulous colleague again. This USB-powered mini-fridge keeps your drink chilled and safe within your cubicle, where it's safe under your watch.

The USB Mini-Fridge lets you keep a cool ready-to-drink beverage any time. This small, personal USB refrigerator holds one 12 oz can.

The built-in cooling plate rapidly drops to the lowest operating temperature less than five minutes after plugging it in. The USB Fridge may be used in your home office, cubicle, garage, or bedroom. It works with any operating system and doesn't require batteries. Just plug the cable into your computer's USB port, put your canned drink in, and enjoy.

This fridge has so many uses besides refreshment in your workplace:
♥ Beer cannon
♥ College dorms
Stealth/secret Grow Box for plants
♥ In your car, van, bus, or SUV on long road trips


• Easy installation
• Fits one regular size can
• Plug & play
• No driver required
• USB powered with a long 4-foot cable

System Requirements

• One available USB port
• Compatible with all operating systems

Package Contents

• User guide
• USB Fridge
• Online support link

The pictured can of soda is not included.

Inside dimensions: Height 5.5" x Depth 2.85" x Width 3" (Height 14 cm x Depth 7.25 cm x Width 7.75 cm)
Outside dimensions: 7.6" x 3.5" x 3.9" (19.4 x 9 x 10 cm)


Q1: Does the container have to be cold when you put it in or will it chill a warm can?
A1: It will slowly chill a warm can. It's somewhat slower than a refrigerator for cooling speed.

Q2: How cold will the can get? Is there a limit?
A2: The surface of the cooling plate will become about 20°F less than the ambient air temperature. So if the air temp is about 70°F, then the plate will get to about 50°F. Therefore, the best use of the Mini-Fridge is for the can to already be cold, and then the fridge will keep it at this temperature for a longer period than if it was sitting out on the table.