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DryCASE Waterproof Tablet-iPad-Kindle Case

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DryCASE Waterproof Tablet/iPad/Kindle CaseThe DryCASE Tablet/E-reader Case is a crystal clear, flexible waterproof case that protects your Kindle, iPad, or any e-reader or tablet from wet environments. Keep your most precious gadget safe, clean and dry.

To create the waterproof seal, simply pump out all the air with the easy-to-use hand pump. The bag will vacuum seal around the contents to make everything inside completely waterproof. The air-tight seal guarantees that the contents will stay dry - even when submerged underwater.

The DryCASE Tablet/E-reader Case lets you use your e-reader or tablet anytime, anywhere. It also comes with a microphone jack/stereo headphone so you can listen to your music while relaxing at the beach or by the pool.

DryCASE knows you need to stay informed and connected, no matter where you are.


  • Waterproof Vacuum Seal
  • Crystal Clear for Videos and Photos
  • Includes Holding Handle
  • Mic Jack & Stereo Headphone
  • Works with any type of e-reader or tablet

Tips for Optimum Performance

  • The DryCASE can float. Just leave the buoyant neoprene armband attached and leave your worries behind.
  • You can also remove the air from your DryCASE Tablet/E-reader Case without the hand pump by using your mouth. Just place your lips on the valve and remove all the air until the case is completely sealed.
  • The first couple of times of using the DryCASE Tablet/E-reader Case, your device/gadget may stick to the inside as you insert it. To stop this from happening, fold a piece of paper, insert the paper into the DryCASE, then slide your device inside the folded paper.
  • The DryCASE Tablet/E-reader Case is crystal clear on both sides. This gives you full use of your keyboard or touchscreen and allows you to take photos.

    DryCASE Waterproof Tablet/iPad/Kindle Case

Using the DryCASE Tablet is as EASY as 1-2-3.

  1. Slide in your device/gadget. Twist the clasps outward to open the DryCASE Tablet/E-reader Case, and then slide in the device you want to keep waterproof. Be sure that all contents are clear of the opening and the closure. You can listen to your music by plugging in the headphone jack to your gadget/device.
  2. Lock the closure shut. Twist the clasps inward to close and lock the DryCASE Tablet/E-reader Case. Position your device the way you want it inside the DryCASE Tablet/E-reader Case. When you remove the air and create a vacuum, it will secure the gadget/device in place. Make sure the top closure is fully closed and locked.
  3. Pump out all the air. Squeeze the pump until all the air is removed and you cannot pump it any more. Once you have removed all the air, the DryCASE Tablet/E-reader case should be tightly sealed around the contents inside, and the pump should be totally flat. Now you can remove the hand pump and place the safety cap on.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will it work?

YES. With the vacuum seal, just like waterproof medical covers, it is simply the best waterproof case out there. Dry Corp has made medical products with the same vacuum technique for over ten years. If a surgical device gets wet, it might get exposed to biohazards. When used properly with the vacuum intact, the device/gadget inside the case will remain completely dry.

Are there any special instructions?

Everything WILL stay dry when the Dry Case Tablet/E-Reade Case is properly used. Leave your device or gadget in the vacuumed case and test it for 3 minutes before putting it into the water. The vacuum means no gas and liquid exchange. Everything stays completely dry.

What makes your case better than the others on the market?

The DryCASE Tablet/E-reader Case is truly, entirely waterproof. This is not just a claim, it has been demonstrated with the vacuum seal. The vacuum seal removes all the air out of the case, and there's no way that water can get in. No exchange of gas (air) for liquid (water). The vacuum seal also enables full use of touch screens because it seals flush on the phone's or gadget's face.

The DryCASE Tablet/E-reader Case also features a 3-way headphone jack for both your microphone and stereo headphones, so you can take calls or listen to music. You can also talk and hear through the DryCASE Tablet/E-reader Case. As long as a small amount of air is left inside, it will remain waterproof and sealable. For sound waves to travel, there just needs to be a little bit of air.

The DryCASE Tablet/E-reader Case is also totally crystal clear on both sides for taking photos and allowing you full use of your device's/gadget's screen controls.

Additionally, it fits devices/gadgets of many sizes and shapes.

Although several other gadget bags and cases are available, the DryCASE is competitively priced and all the above features are included. Other similar products are more costly, have fewer features/options, or work with a more limited range of gadgets/devices.

Is it Guaranteed?

YES. Your money back, if not completely satisfied. Each DryCASE Tablet/E-reader Case is thoroughly tested. However, should a problem occur, return the DryCASE Tablet/E-reader Case within ninety (90) days with your receipt, and DryCase will send you a replacement. The warranty does not include damage from misuse or abnormal wear and tear. When used properly under the vacuum seal, your device/gadget will remain completely dry. If you purchase a DryCASE Tablet/E-Reader Case and are unsatisfied with it in any way, you may send back the unused DryCASE Tablet to DryCASE for a refund within seven (7) days from the purchase date.

What are the dimensions of the DryCASE Tablet? Will it fit my Xoom/iPad/Nook/Kindle/etc.?

The DryCASE Tablet/E-reader Case is 13.5 inches (34.3 cm) long and 9 inches (22.9 cm) wide, and will fit almost any mini PC or tablet.

What if my device gets wet? Will you replace it?

When used properly under the vacuum seal your gadget/device will stay completely dry. There are just so many ways for electronics and devices/gadgets to get wet and there's no way of determining how anyone’s device/electronics/gadget might have been damaged. Many of us have broken and wet devices from earlier accidents. (exactly the reason why DryCase was invented.) We cannot assume responsibility for wet gadgets/electronics/devices; otherwise, people could return or send all their old devices/electronics/gadgets to us. Again, as long as it's under the vacuum seal, your device/gadget will remain completely dry.

About the manufacturer of DryCASE

Dry Corp is a Wilmington, NC-based manufacturer of waterproof products. DryCASE offers customers the same waterproof protection as their DRYPro line of medical products, now for cameras, phones, tablets and music players, among many other devices/electronics/gadgets.

Some compatible devices:
Apple iPad, iPad 2 and iPad 3, MOTOROLA XOOM, ASUS TF300T, PanDigital 72-70FW, ASUS Transformer Prime, Coby Kyros, Blackberry Playbook, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Nook, Kindle.