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Eccotemp EP-2.40 Electric Tankless Water Heater Booster

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If your storage tank water heater keeps running out, this electric booster may help.

The EP-2.4 Electric Water Heater Booster from Eccotemp helps provide endless hot water once installed in line with a traditional storage tank water heater. After your traditional storage tank water heaters runs out of hot water, the EP-2.4 kicks in. It can also be used for single point-of-use applications like washers, kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, utility sinks, or other single low flow applications where hot water is needed.

Its patented mixing chamber produces a ready supply of heated water almost immediately, while eliminating the potential for scalding. The EP-2.4 can be mounted vertically or horizontally for maximum flexibility, making it ideal for sinks. It is designed for preheated water applications including heat pump, gas tankless, geothermal and solar water heating systems.


• Rated at 0.75 GPMEccotemp booster water heater
• Endless heated water supply
• Easy and ready to install
• 96+% Thermal Efficiency
• Temperature Detected Flow
• Mounts Horizontally or Vertically
• 22 degree temperature rise @ .75GPM
• Requires standard 120 volt electric outlet and 20 amp breaker
• Self-diagnostics including leak detection shut-down
• Standard 3/4" NPT connections with no flow restrictions
• Unit Dimensions are 13"x6.5"x7.5"
• 5 year limited warranty

Suggested Uses

• Storage Tank Booster
• Solar Water Heater Booster
• Single Point of Use application

Package Contents

• 2.4kW tankless water heater
• Installation hardware
• Instruction Manual
• 1/2" NPT adapters

Click here for the instruction manual