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Eccotemp L10 Portable Tankless Water Heater with EccoFlo Diaphragm 12V Pump , Strainer & Shower set

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$489.00 - $508.95
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Eccotemp L10 Tankless Water Heater

On backorder until 25th Apr 2023; Backorder dates can change at any time.

Save ordering time and money with this bundle of Eccotemp L10 tankless water heater, 12 volt water pump, strainer, showerhead, shower hose

The Eccotemp L10 Tankless Heater is among hottest ;) propane tankless water heaters currently available.

It provides non-stop heated water in your summer cottage, cabin, lake house, camper, RV, horse washing stall, potting shed, or wherever else you'll be needing hot water.

Two "D" cell batteries power the igniter only while water is running....No chance of overheating. It is perfect for use off-grid or in areas where there is limited or no electrical service.

At a flow rate of 2.65 GPM (full capacity), the L10 provides a 30°F to 35°F water temperature increase. At a flow rate of 2 GPM, the L10 gives approximately 50°F temperature rise. Decreasing the water flow further provides a further increase in the water temperature.

The Eccotemp L10 has standard water connections, which makes plumbing with standard fixtures quick and easy. The unit also works flawlessly on modified water systems like a 12-volt pump.

The unit needs a 2" clearance from the wall, 12" side to side away from any flammable object, 36" from a window or overhang, and 18" up from the ground.

Bundle contents

• L10 portable outdoor propane water heater
• Eccoflo 12 volt 2.9 GPM 50 PSI Water Pump
• Strainer for Eccoflo pump
• Handheld showerhead and hose
• CSA regulator for use with standard 20-pound barbeque grill type propane tank
• 6 foot regulator hose
• Removable, weatherproof stainless steel rain cap
• Garden hose adapter
• 3/4" quick connector set to connect a garden hose to the water heater


• Outdoor installation only
• 20-minute automatic safety shutoff timer
• Manual water temperature control on front of unit
• Minimum of 20 PSI sustained from a municipal water supply. When using a pump, minimum water pressure of 30 PSI is required.
• Adjust the water pressure from 20 to 80 PSI with dial on the front of the unit
• 74,000 BTU
• Rated heat input: 20 kW
• DOE Energy Factor of 0.85
• Field tested to operate according to specs at 5500 ft. elevation.
• 1/2" NPT water fittings
• Rated gas pressure: 11" of water column
• D-size batteries for ignition. No electricity needed for operation.
• Dimensions: 28" tall (35" including rain cap) x 13.5" wide x 6.5" deep
• Weight: 27 pounds
• One year manufacturer warranty

Click here for the instruction manual

Frequently Asked Question ("FAQ")

Q: Is the heated output water potable (drinkable)?
A: As of November, 2017, Eccotemp has not tested the heated output water for water safety standards. However, the whole home units such as the i12, FVI12 and 45H units are tested as acceptable for heated water output potability.