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EcoSmart SmartBoost ECOTB240 Water Heater Tank Booster 7.2kW 30A 240V

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Buy SmartBoost to nearly double your hot water.
Go ahead, take longer hot showers.

EcoSmart-SmartBoostGet more hot water from your current or new hot water heater when you add SmartBoost by EcoSmart. It increases the efficiency and performance of a gas or electric tank by 45%. It's like converting it to a much larger tank.

For a lower price, you will get more hot water. This will save you money versus a larger tank installation. Plus, save physical space by using a smaller tank versus a larger, hefty one.

How it works and why it is better

The SmartBoost is installed on an tank's hot water line to provide more hot water than the tank alone can provide. SmartBoost has an adjustable activation temperature which detects the inlet temperature to control when SmartBoost will start boosting the water heater's temperature.

For example, if the activation point you set is 105°F, then SmartBoost will redirect the unused power from the tank to the tankless unit. This will increase the water temperature you get to 120°F with a typical shower.

SmartBoost Advantages

More hot water: Get almost double the amount of hot water from your current tank. Now your family can enjoy longer hot showers.

Save energy and money: Using SmartBoost plus a smaller tank (versus a bigger tank without SmartBoost) will save you in energy costs. Plus, the vacation mode lowers energy costs while you are away.

Save space: You can use a smaller tank versus a much larger one to provide your family's hot water. SmartBoost, at less than 12" long, is added to your existing tank pipe.

SmartBoost Features:

  • Install on a tank for more hot water
  • Increase the amount of hot water provided by your tank up to 45%
  • No need for additional electrical wiring when added to an existing tank electric water heater
  • Compact design
  • Digital user interface
  • Set output temperature in 1°F increments
  • Adjustable activation temperature from 80°F to 130°F
  • Adjustable outlet temperature from 80°F to 140°F
  • External controls for quick and easy adjustments
  • Easy to install on a new or existing water heater tank
  • Element is field replaceable
  • ETL certification for USA and Canada
SmartBoost Gas InstallationSmartBoost Electric Installation


Specification ECOTB240
Voltage 240
Phase Single
KW 7.2 kW
Amperage Draw 30 Amps
Required Breaker 30 DP
Wire Gauge 10 AWG copper
Water Connections 3/4" NPT or push-to-connect
Dimensions (in.) 8"H x 11.5"W x 3.75"D
Weight 4.75 lbs.
Temperature Control Digital
Outlet Temperature Range 80°F - 140°F
Operating Pressure Min. 25 PSI, Max. 150 PSI
Energy Efficiency 99.8%
Certification: ETL Listed to UL 499 & CSA
Warranty Limited Lifetime

Fitting adapters included

1/2" CF Connection Fitting Adapter
For 3/4" MNPT from tank INLET 3/4" Female NPT to 5/8" tube adapter
For 3/4" copper tube INLET Push-to-connect fitting
For 3/4" copper tube OUTLET Push-to-connect fitting

*Unit comes with ONE (1) 3/4" FNPT to 5/8" tube adapter and TWO (2) push-to-connect Fittings

ETL certification for USA and CanadaDownloads

Specifications Sheet

Installation Instructions & Owner's Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the difference between SmartBoost and another tankless water heater with the same amps/watts/volts?
A1: SmartBoost has special circuitry that allows it to automatically turn on and shut off according to the tank's capacity. This allows it to extend the capacity of your existing tank water heater.

Q2: Will the SmartBoost work with my gas water heater tank?
A2: Yes the SmartBoost is designed to work with a gas tank, and requires a separate 240V 30 amp circuit.

Q3: So, how much hot water boost will I get from the SmartBoost?
A3: It depends on your use and flow rates. Based on independent tests, SmartBoost will provide up to 45% more hot water delivered from your tank.

Q4: How do I wire the SmartBoost with my electric tank heater?
A4: When installed to boost an electric tank water using a 30 amp breaker, the SmartBoost does not require any additional wiring.

Q5: What is the difference between the SmartBoost and the Eemax TankBuddy, model # EEMTB240, sold at Lowe's?
A5: Other than the outside color and label, there is zero difference. Both are manufactured by Eemax. Eemax owns EcoSmart. But you can save $20.00 by buying SmartBoost from