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Eemax HA-P022 Flow Sensor Assembly, HA018240 HA027240 HA036240

by Eemax
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Eemax HA-P022-Flow Sensor Assembly HA018240 HA027240 HA036240HA018240 HA027240 HA036240Eemax HA-P022 Flow Sensor Assembly for HA018240, HA024240, HA027240 and HA03624, plus Eemax ProSeries, Rheem RTEX series, and more.

This item ships with a plug connector as shown in the photos above. If you have an older style unit that connects with bare wire or terminals, then you should strip the wires on this part and connect in the following order from top to bottom: BLACK, WHITE, RED.

This is a genuine Eemax part.

Also 100% compatible with the following heater models:
≈ iHeat/Drakken AHS27D, AHS18D, AH27, AH18
≈ Eemax ProSeries PR018240, PR027240, PR036240
≈ Eemax EEM24018, EEM24027, EEM24036 (blue color units)
≈ Rheem RTEX-18, RTEX-27, RTEX-36
≈ Rheem RETEX-18, RETEX-27, RETEX-36
≈ Richmond RMTEX-18, RMTEX-27, RMTEX-36

Eemax tankless water heater technical overview

The Eemax HA018240 is the medium-sized model and carries (2) heating elements and exchangers using two 9 kW @ 240 Volts.
The HA024240, HA027240, and HA036240 have the largest-sized form factor and they each use heating elements and exchangers. The HA024240 uses three 8 kW elements operating at 240 Volts. The HA027240 uses three 9 kW elements running at 240 Volts. The HA036240 uses four 9 kW elements running at 240 Volts.

Parts Description
1. Electrical Conduit Connection
2. Flow Sensor
3. Ground Connector
4. Terminal Block
5. Triac Cooling Plate
6. Triacs
7. Temperature Control Setting Knob
8. Inlet Temperature Sensor
9. Electronic Board and Protector
10. Fuse and Fuse Holder
11. Copper Heating Elements
12. Thermostats
13. Mounting Bracket
14. Back Casing
15. Copper Heat Exchanger
16. Outlet Temperature Sensor
17. Hot Water Outlet Connection
18. Cold Water Inlet Connection