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Eemax HA-P047 Thermistor for EEM24036 HA036240 PA036240 PR036240

by Eemax
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Thermistor EEM24036, HA036240, HA036240, HA036240

HA-P047 thermistor inlet/outlet temperature sensor set for Eemax EEM24036, HA036240 HomeAdvantage, PA036240 ProAdvantage

MAKE SURE YOUR THERMISTOR TIPS (plug connectors) EXACTLY MATCH as shown in the two product photos above! NO RETURNS ON THIS ITEM. You may call Eemax tech support for assistance at (800) 543-6163.

NOT for the PR018240, PR024240, PR027240. HA018240, HA024240, HA027240, EEM24018, EEM24024, EEM24027

Thermistors Troubleshooting Steps

Turn off breaker.
Unscrew cover.
Locate temperature sensors on inlet and outlet pipes. It is the nut with wires coming out of it.
Follow cable to electronic board.
Remove electronic board cover.
Disconnect from board.
Turn on breakers.
Turn on hot water tap.
Wait 3 to 5 minutes.

If water still does not heat up, further technical troubleshooting is needed. Volt meter is required.

If the water heats up, then the thermistors are bad. Just leave them disconnected (creating a bypass) until you can replace the thermistors.

Eemax tankless water heater technical overview

The HA036240 has the largest-sized form factor and uses four heating elements and exchangers. The HA036240 uses four 9 kW elements running at 240 Volts.

Parts Description Image shown is not for the 36kW model, but only differs with the
number of heating chambers. Otherwise it is the same.
Eemax HA-P047 thermistor installation
1. Electrical Conduit Connection
2. Flow Sensor Assembly
3. Ground Connector
4. Terminal Block
5. Triac Cooling Plate
6. Triacs
7. Temperature Control Setting Knob
8. Inlet Temperature Sensor (thermistor)
9. Electronic Board and Protector
10. Fuse and Fuse Holder
11. Copper Heating Elements
12. Thermostats
13. Mounting Bracket
14. Back Casing
15. Copper Heat Exchanger
16. Outlet Temperature Sensor (thermistor)
17. Hot Water Outlet Connection
18. Cold Water Inlet Connection