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EM Shield Pocket Patch: Cell Phone Radiation Protector

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Protect yourself from the harmful effects of cell phone radiation

EM Shield Pocket Patch: Cell Phone Radiation ProtectorWith the Pocket Patch, quickly and easily turn any pocket into a radiation shield for your reproductive organs, protecting you from damaging cell phone & WiFi radiation.

Why you need the Pocket Patch

Cell phones emit a type of radiation that can damage your reproductive organs, affecting your fertility and virility. The World Health Organization (WHO) calls this type of radiation a Class 2B Carcinogen.
Simply iron the Pocket Patch on any pocket lining, and start protecting your reproductive organs, reducing your personal exposure to this harmful radiation.
Each package comes with three Pocket Patches.

High Tech Simplicity

The Pocket Patch is made with an advanced combination of silver and copper, woven into comfortable, high-quality cotton. This is what makes the Pocket Patch comfortable against the skin and hypoallergenic, while still deflecting up to 99% of cell phone radiation.


• Shield your reproductive organs from up to 99% of cell phone radiation (according to tests conducted at UCLA)
• Quickly and easily iron onto any pocket lining
• No need to remember your EMF protection. It's always in your pocket.
• Each package contains three pocket patches to protect multiple pockets
• Each pocket patch is 5.5" x 3.75"

Test Results

The Pocket Patch was tested for shielding effectiveness at the UCLA Center for High Frequency Electronics.

How to Apply

Simply iron the Pocket Patch onto any pocket lining.

EM Shield Pocket Patch: Cell Phone Radiation Protector

It just takes a couple of minutes, and you're ready to go. Your pocket now protects you from cell phone radiation.

You never need to remember your radiation protection, because it's always right in your pocket.

Care Instructions

• Machine wash with warm or cold water on "normal cycle".
• Do not use bleach.
• Do not dry clean.
• The Pocket Patch can be washed at least 30 times with no performance loss.