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Ergonomic Home-Office Laptop Table Tray, Standing Desk

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Get all the health benefits of standing while working on your PC, laptop or tablet. Prevent repetitive strain injury from sitting at a desk.

Ergonomic Home/Office Laptop Table Tray, Standing DeskThe Tabletop Standing Desk allows you to convert your regular desk into a standing work desk. Plus, we added a massaging roller and hand exerciser. So in addition getting the benefits of a standing desk, you also have the therapeutic benefits of massage and hand exercise right where you need them...every time you work on your PC or notebook computer. Also, the desk height is adjustable, so you can use it as a laptop tray table while sitting.

Ergonomic Home/Office Laptop Table Tray, Standing DeskFeatures

• Converts your desk into a health-promoting, standing desk
• Adjustable height for use while standing or sitting
• Therapeutic, round, knobbed, hand exerciser included to strengthen your hands
• Massage rollers relieve your forearms and hands while being productive

Ergonomic Home/Office Laptop Table Tray, Standing Desk

Other details

♥ Approximate desk surface dimensions: 18" wide by 14" deep
♥ Item width including legs is 21"
♥ Warranty: One year
♥ Buy with confidence: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee including paid return shipping from FitDesk

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Is the ball hand massager detachable?
A1: The ball is attached with a spring-loaded cable that allows you to pull it away from the desk surface. It can be removed by unscrewing screws from the desk.

Q2: How stable is the desk when used in a chair?
A2: As long as chair is wide enough for the Tabletop Standing Desk to straddle the user's lap, it is quite stable.