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Exact PipeCut 170E Steel-Copper-PVC Pipe Cutter

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$1,395.00 - $1,414.95
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The portable, all-purpose pipe cutter that professionals use.

Exact pipe cutters are specially designed for professional use. All Exact pipe cutters are easy to carry, lightweight, and operate on-site. They can cut steel, plastic, copper, cast-iron, and multi-layer pipes. The Exact pipe system cuts straight and clean which is important for welding pipes. Exact saws are not only precise, they are also incredibly fast. Cutting a pipe with a 1/8" wall and 6" diameter takes less than 20 seconds.

PipeCut 170E

The powerful, lightweight and handy PipeCut 170E can be used to cut plastic and steel pipes. It's ideal for cutting cast iron and stainless steel pipes, thanks to its steady torque and adjustable speed. This high end performance tool is a must have for pipe fitting professionals.


Pipe Ø (OD, Outside Diameter) range of use 15mm to 170mm (0.6" to 6.7")
Wall thickness 8mm (0.31") for steel, 14mm (0.55") for plastic
Cuts the following pipe materials Steel, copper, cast iron, stainless steel, acid-resistant steel, multi-layered materials and
all plastics
Loading capacity of supports 190 kg, 418 lb (4 supports)
Voltage / Current (N. America, UK, UAE) 110V, 120V / 8.4A / 60 Hz / 1100W
Voltage / Power (Europe, et. al.
Special order option)
230V / 1010W
No-Load speed 1600 - 3500 revolutions/minute
Blade diameter 140mm (5.51")
Mounting bore 62mm (2.44")
Weight 5.7kg (12 lbs)
Max. pipe wall 8mm (0.31") for steel, 14mm (0.55") for plastic
Electronic unit Blade speed preselection, automatic fuse, soft start, torque control
Speed preselection 4= Stainless steel and acid-resistant steel, 5= steel, 6= all other materials


• PipeCut Bag
• TCT 140 blade (installed on the saw)
• Operating instructions
• Pipe Support 170, 4 pieces
• Exact PipeCut 170E pipe saw
• 5 mm and 2 mm hex socket key (installed in receptacle on saw)
• DVD video disc instructions

Frequently Asked Question ("FAQ")

Q1: I see there are two voltages listed in the specs: 110V and 230V. Does one unit switch between the voltages as needed, like a switching power supply?
A1: No, it does not have both voltages in one unit. There are two voltage versions of the 170E, one with 110/120V AC and one with 230V AC. The 110V version is available for immediate shipment. Please contact us if you require the 230V version.