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Filter Refills for Vent Covers, 24" x 24", 3-pack

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$19.63 - $24.58
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Convenient replacement filter media for the Elima-Draft 24x24 inch Commercial Vent Filter

Significantly reduce the amount of dust in an indoor area. The recommended replacement interval is 30 to 60 days.

Help keep your work environment clear of dust, allergens, and mold. Perfect for allergy sufferers in offices, restaurants and boutique salons.
Reduces the amount of dusting time and frequency to dust and clean shelves and shelf contents, wall art, and any other room objects.

Breathe easier with these vent filters.

Cover Specifications

Made in America≈ Use with our 24"x24" Commercial Filtration Cover ELMDFTCOM24AR. (See Related Gadgets tab below.)
≈ Also can be used with commercial HVAC systems
≈ Easy to replace. No tools required.

Filtration Media Specifications

♥ Filters are disposable.
♥ Reduces airborne allergen/dust/mold particles and other pollutants
♥ The rating of this filter media is G3 compliant to EN779.
♥ G3 media will filter particles that are greater than or equal to 10 μm (micrometer/micron).
♥ G3 rating is equivalent to MERV 5.
♥ G3 filters are the industry standard level of basic air filtration
♥ Filter media thickness: 7 mm
♥ Inflammability class: F3

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