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GlowStrike Glowing Night Fishing Bite Indicator

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$4.95 - $9.90
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GlowStrike is a low-cost, all-around solution for night fishermen who work with multiple fishing lines.

On a pitch-black night, it is hard to see anything that's even just an inch away from your face, besides knowing what is happening on your line. If you have several fishing rods to monitor, the task can be almost impossible without some sort of visual assistance. High-end bite indicators can be expensive, particularly if you're fishing with multiple rods. If you are a night fisherman on a budget, buying such an expensive tool to your gear may be difficult, especially for multiple fishing rods.

The GlowStrike bite indicator is made from a high visibility material that shines through even the foggiest nights, allowing you to move freely around the fishing area. The GlowStrike's visible glow will not let you miss that all-important nibble. Its material does not fade or dull over time, allowing you to reuse the same bite indicator, saving you money, time, and frustration.

The creators of GlowStrike know that night fishing is supposed to be a pleasure, not a chore. You just want to grab your equipment and go. The last thing you want to worry about is refilling your reusable night fishing lights or replacing your disposable bite indicators. The inexpensive and reusable GlowStrike is an effective bite indicator that you can afford to equip on every fishing pole in your arsenal.

The problem with refillable glowsticks is that, too often, thoughtless, uncaring individuals throw the refills on the ground and in the water, wrecking the outdoors for the rest of us.

GlowStrike is reusable for many years. To get it to glow after its light fades, simply shine a flashlight on it for a few moments!


• Includes not just one, but two sticks for only $4.95
• Serves as an extremely affordable night-fishing solution
• Can be reused over and over: just shine a light if it starts to dim
• Small and compact, needs very little space in your tacklebox
• Fits virtually any rod size
• Sturdy enough that you can keep it attached to a rod permanently
• Does not use refills: no leaks, no messy stains, no garbage to dispose of
• Does not need batteries