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Gulfstream HE150-R-A 136K BTU Electric Heat Pump Pool Heater, titanium

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Authorized Gulfstream swimming pool heat pump dealer

Gulfstream's swimming pool heat pumps feature leading innovation and technology. Gulfstream's smaller company size (compared to their competitors such as Hayward and Raypak) means that they care more about customer satisfaction. Gulfstream's higher standards in manufacturing results in a superior quality heat pump. Gulfstream's state-of-the-art pool heaters are made in North Fort Myers, Florida. Gulfstream is a third-generation, family company. 25 years of pool heating experience gives them deep insight into what customers want in a pool heat pump, and they use that knowledge in the product design and build.

Check out FAQ #3 below for more info and reviews on Gulfstream.

Gulfstream's heat pumps are AHRI certified

Gulfstream pool heat pumps are made in USA.


Performance And Efficiency Features

Ultra-quiet design

  • Quiet scroll-type compressor
  • Commercial-grade fan motor with very quiet operation

Four-sided evaporator coil

  • Super-sized for maximum efficiency
  • Higher performance in all weather
  • Engineered for a smaller footprint

2-inch, full flow titanium heat exchanger

  • Pipe size is not reduced inside the unit
  • Maximum water flow design for higher efficiency
  • Titanium withstands harsh pool chemicals

Industry-Leading Warranty: Gulfstream has best warranty in the heat pump industry. Outside of Florida, the warranty is 2 years for parts and labor. In years 3 through 10, Gulfstream covers 70% of the parts cost. Within Florida the warranty is still 2 years labor, but the parts warranty is extended to 7 years. Years 8, 9 and 10, Gulfstream covers 70% of the parts cost. View the manufacturer's official warranty terms here. Note that Gulfstream does NOT void the warranty due to bad chemistry, as some other manufacturers do.

Compare that to Hayward's warranty for their HeatPro line of heat pumps: 1 year for labor, 2 years for parts. The compressor's warranty is 2 years for labor and 5 years for parts. The warranty for the titanium tube component is 10 years. In Florida, everything is the same except 2 years for labor warranty.

Return Policy: At Gulfstream's option, defective product may be repaired on site or replaced with a new shipment. In case of freight damage, the buyer is responsible to file claim with the freight company. Inspect shipment contents before delivery is complete.

Made in the USA

Intelligent Control Features (Additional wiring may be required.)

Compatible with major external automation control brands

  • Simple connection and programming
  • Seamless integration with all major brands of automation

GPS affordable spa automation

  • Isolates the spa, energizes the pump, switches thermostats
  • Plug-ins for two actuators
  • Wireless options available

Solarwize solar heating controller

  • Solar pool automation for hybrid pool heating control
  • Prioritizes solar pool heating for maximum efficiency and energy savings
  • Actuator plug-in and roof sensor connections

Even Heat: Maintains the perfect temperature 24 hours per day

Advanced Assembly and Testing

Helium leak testing

  • 100 times more accurate than alternate methods used by major competitor brands
  • Ensures optimized performance in every unit

Rustproof ABS cabinet

  • Strong ABS cabinet designed for harsh climates
  • UV inhibitors added for lifetime durability
  • Avoid the disappointment of metal cabinet corrosion and denting

Superior method of refrigerant charging at factory

  • Mass flow charging is the the most accurate way to ensure proper charge level.
  • Computerized accuracy to 1/100th of an ounce

Comprehensive final test run

  • Computerized quality-control testing
  • Every component in every unit is tested before and after final assembly for perfect operation


HE-90 HE-110 HE-125 HE-150
BTU/COP: AHRI High Test Point (80/80/80) 90,000/6.3 110,000/6.2 122,000/6.1 136,000/6.0
BTU/COP: AHRI Low Test Point (50/63/80) 56,000/4.0 66,000/4.1 74,000/4.0 85,000/4.0
Minimum Amperage draw 36 37 37 37
Maximum Breaker Size in Amps 40 40 50 50
Unit weight (uncrated) in pounds 213 215 237 239
Voltage/current 208-230, Single phase, 60 Hz
Pipe connection size 2" Union
Minimum/Maximum Flow Rate 30 to 70 GPM
Recommended Flow Rate 45 GPM
Refrigerant R410A
Refrigerant factory charge 3.75 lbs 3.75 lbs 4.4 lbs 4.8 lbs
Shipping weight in pounds 241 243 265 267
Unit dimensions in inches (W x D x H) 31 x 31 x 38 31 x 31 x 38 31 x 31 x 42 31 x 31 x 42
Shipping dimensions in inches (W x D x H) 33 x 31 x 43 33 x 31 x 43 33 x 31 x 47 33 x 31 x 47
AHRI Certification Number 3694127 3694128 3694129 3694125


Also available: Three phase heat pumps, model numbers HE125-RB (HE-125-R-B), HE150-RB (HE-150-R-B)
Only for sale in Florida, models with an enhanced warranty of 5 years of Full Labor: HI110-RA (HI-110-R-A), HI125-RA (HI-125-R-A), HI150-RA (HI-150-R-A)


Gulf-Stream Heat Pump Installation Operation Manual pdf

Gulf-Stream HE Series Heat Pump brochure

Gulf-Stream HI Series Heat Pump brochure

Gulf-Stream HE Series Warranty

Gulf-Stream HI Series Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQ")

Q1: What size heat pump should I get for my pool?
A1: Several factors affect the heating of your pool: pool size, desired pool temperature, use of a pool cover, angle and time in sunlight, water features (fountains, spas, waterfalls, etc.), and more. Every application is different.

Following are suggestions, but should not be used without consideration of the above factors.
HE110/HI110: Up to 15,000 gallons or 450 square feet of water surface area
HE125/HI125: Up to 23,000 gallons or 650 square feet of water surface area
HE150/HI150: Up to 27,000 gallons or 800 square feet of water surface area

Q2: Will a heat pump save me money versus a gas pool heater?
A2: Yes, a heat pump is an energy-efficient and money-saving way to heat your pool. For example, a heat pump operating for one year at a temperature of 85°F costs approximately $1000. This amount gives you a rough idea, and depends on your cost of electricity, and the pool sizing factors mentioned above.

Q3: I've never heard of Gulfstream. Can I trust that this is a good heater?
A3: Here at GadgetsGo, we can assure you emphatically YES, for these reasons:
A3.1. The Trouble Free Pool user forum has unbiased, unaffiliated reviews about Gulfstream and other heat pumps.
A3.2. Gulfstream's Facebook page has some reviews.
A3.3. Gulfstream is AHRI Certified. Just having the AHRI Certification is a big assurance of heater quality. More info:
A3.4. Availability of customer service by phone or email is important to many pool heater owners. So do a quick test: Give a call to each manufacturer's tech support phone, and see who you reach the fastest. Send an message on each manufacturer's contact form, and see who responds first. If you can't reach the big manufacturers, then perhaps they are not the best choice after all. Gulfstream customer service phone number: 239.567.0009 or toll free 800.937.6527.

Buying and using a pool cover is strongly recommended

A pool loses heat from evaporative cooling. That's the cooling effect when water evaporates from the surface of the pool. It accounts for about 75% of a pool’s heat loss. And, a pool cover can reduce the heat lost from a pool by approximately 50%, and directly translates into a 50% reduction in your power consumption. That's a dramatic savings in your fuel bill.

In addition to lowering your energy bill, a pool cover will provide a valuable safety by preventing people from falling in accidentally, conserving chemicals, and reducing the load on filter systems by preventing debris from entering the pool.

Installation Help and Recommendations

Heatpumps only work in warmer temperatures! If the air temperature is too cold, the heat pump will not operate. The exact temperature varies at which the heat pump will cease operating. Weather conditions, the amount of sunlight shining on the heat pump, and the installation quality are the main factors. The shutdown will occur at approximately 50°F (10°C).

We recommend that you have a professional pool heater installer review the above recommendations. Need an installer? Get 4 FREE Pool Heater Installation Estimates Now. It's Quick and Easy!
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