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Heininger BedRack Elite 4 Bike Rack-Stand for Pickup Truck Beds

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Fast and easy mounting of up to 4 bikes in the back of your truck

Heininger's Advantage SportsRack BedRack Elite Truck Bike Rack gets you off the bike trails and back on the road quickly and easily. Just roll your bicycles into the holder position and ratchet them fast with the quick ratcheting strap.

The problem: Most bikes come with quick release hubs for removing tires. But removing them takes extra time, and then you must secure/store the wheels, too.

The solution: The BedRack Elite lets you leave the tires on your roadbikes and mountainbikes. Bonus: No need to use your trailer hitch with the bikes in the truckbed. Keep the hitch free for hauling other things, and just plain less trailer hassle.

Dual use: The BedRack Elite is stable on the ground to provide a lightweight, yet sturdy four-bike rack.

Heininger 2030 Pickup Truck BedRack Elite 4 Bike Rack


♦ Works with all bike tire sizes (up to 29 inches in diameter) including fat tires.

♦ Transports up to 4 bikes without removing any bike wheels.

♦ Fits most full size and smaller trucks: Bike Rack width extends to truckbeds from 52" to 68" wide.

♦ Assembles in minutes without any drilling. No damage to your truck bed.

♦ Can also be used as a standalone bike rack on the ground.

♦ FREE 24" cable with lock is included to secure the Bedrack to the truck.

♦ Works with or without a bedliner.

BedRack Elite is so innovative that it's patented: Patent No. 8,985,415 B2