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iHeat Sediment De-Scaler Plus Sand Filter

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$79.95 - $84.90
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Maintain performance of your water appliance by preventing scale.

Highly recommended in areas with turbid or hard water for tankless water heaters, drinking fountains, solar water heaters, and boilers.

The iHeat Descaler Sand Filter is easy to install. It uses a stainless steel filter mesh to filter out impurities with a precision of 40 micrometers or larger. It removes impurities such as sand, sediment, colloidal minerals, rust, micro-organisms, and other icky, suspended matter.

The descaler function uses food-grade Siliphos water treatment, antiscalant balls. They form a thin, protective layer over the insides of your water systems, which will prevent scale on the heating elements of tankless water heaters. Siliphos should not be used for drinking water.

This descaler system protects against scale formation and corrosion in water systems everywhere from your home to public buildings to hotels.

If you get "brown" or "red" water and clogged pipes, buy this descaler system. You will reduce your maintenance costs by preventing expensive repairs or even replacement of the following systems:
↔ Water pipes
↔ Tankless water heaters
↔ Boilers
↔ Cooling systems
↔ Pre-filtration for drinking water
↔ Solar hot water systems

Not sure whether you need to buy an anti-scale treatment system? Here is an article by Noritz, a leading tankless water heater manufacturer.

Package Contents:

≈ Sand/sediment filter
≈ Filter replacement indicator
≈ Flush valve
≈ Plastic spanner "wrench" for opening housing for cartridge replacement
≈ Mounting bracket