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Marey ECO150 208v-220v-240v 1-2 Shower Electric Tankless Water Heater

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Marey Tankless Water Heaters

The smartest hot water solution for one to two showers (depending on cold water temp) flowing at the same time

The new Marey ECO150 offers excellent value for this 15kW class of tankless. Its heating element uses a patented, German design. Its water channel is stainless steel alloy which is highly resistant to corrosion and scale. Yet it matches copper for heat conductivity.

Set your output temperature with ease using the buttons on the front and the LED temperature readout.

Marey ECO150 208v/220v/240v 1-2 Shower Electric Tankless Water HeaterFeatures

• Easy to adjust and simple to operate
• Eliminates the need to run the hot water tap and wait before getting hot water, when unit is installed close to the point of use
• Push-button temperature control on the front of the unit
• LED panel shows output water temperature
• Digital output temperature settings from 86°F to 125°F
• Automatic over-temperature safety protection at output temperatures above 140°F (60°C)
• Temperature sensor malfunction indicator
• Compact design saves space
• No stand-by heating loss saves you energy versus a tank
• Control panel displays either Fahrenheit or Celsius
• Very little activation water pressure required
• ETL approved
• 5 year warranty

Technical Specifications

Power 11 kW at 208V
12.3 kW at 220V
14.6 kW at 240V
Minimum Circuit Breaker Size 70 A double pole
Maximum Amperage Load 53 A at 208V
56 A at 220V
60.8 A at 240V
Recommended Wire Size 6 AWG copper
Voltage 208V to 240V
Minimum Water Flow to Activate Unit 0.53 GPM (2 liters per minute)
Operating Water Pressure Range 5 psi to 85 psi
Water Connection Size 1/2" NPT
Installation Mounting Orientation Vertical
Height x Width x Depth 14.75" x 8.6" x 3"
Weight 10.1 lbs
DOE Energy Factor (EF Rating) Regulation
10 CFR 430.32(d) Compliance
Maximum incoming water temperature 125°F

Temperature increase versus GPM water flow rate at 240V

1.0 GPM 98°F
1.25 GPM 83°F
1.5 GPM 68°F
2.0 GPM 51°F
2.5 GPM 41°F
3.0 GPM 34°F

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Marey Tankless Water Heaters