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Marey Mini-Tank 6 Gallon 120V 20 Amp Electric Water Heater

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Buy this 6-gallon Mini-Tank for hot water when only 110v/120v and 20 amps are available. Perfect for RVs, boats, outdoor bars. Backed by a 5-Year Warranty.

You can have hot water for sinks and short-time-length showers in remote areas, RVs, boats, generators, food trucks, and many other applications where only 110 volts is available.

No waiting for your hot water to flow down the pipes: This mini-tank can be used in places where it takes a long time for the hot water to reach the faucet/shower from you big tank or tankless heater. Use the Marey Mini-tank for a short-term supply of hot water for a sink or shower until the hot water come from the tankless or larger tank heater.

Super compact: about the size of six gallon jugs of water.

Save water: Is your water being wasted waiting for the hot water to arrive from your tank or tankless heater? Put this under the sink and you'll have hot water in less than one second.

Get hot water as soon as you open the faucet.


Voltage 120V
Power 1.44kV
Min.Required Circuit Breaker Size 20A
Max. Operating Pressure 150 PSI
Temperature Setting Knob control
Tank Volume 6 Gallons (23 Liters)
Water Connections 3/4" NPT
Installation Mount vertically only
(Add 3.5" to height with PRV installed.)
13.85" W x 19.8" H x 12.56" D
Weight 25.2 lbs
Power cord length 4 feet
Plug type 3 prong
Certifications ETL Listed
Warranty 5 years

Included items

Tank water heater
User manual
Two installation bolts
Wall hanger
Temperature and pressure (T&P) release valve


User and Installation Manual

FAQ ("Frequently Asked Question")

Q: How long before the hot water runs out?
A: We answer this question in our article about mini-tanks. Scroll halfway down on the article.