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Max Burton 6600 18XL Digital Induction 14" Cooktop 1800W

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Get an extra large cooking surface with the Max Burton 6600 18XL Digital Induction Cooktop

Feature Highlights

Larger cook surface: The heating area is 9" and the total cooktop surface is 11.5" to accommodate larger pots and pans up to 14" and as small as 4".

Programmable: Create your own time and temperature programs for sous vide, slow cooking, or other stage cooking.

Precision cooking: A 10" stainless steel, temperature probe is included, so that you can keep food cooking at the exact temperature you set. This makes the 6600 ideal for sous vide, maintaining oil temperature, beer brewing, and much more. The probe is wireless and includes a replaceable A23 size 12-volt alkaline battery.

Features and Specifications Details

• Large, bright LCD display
• Control dial with push-to-set temperature
• Intuitive touchpad controls with locking function
• Programmable cooking settings: up to 3 time/temperature zones to create different stages of cooking
• One-touch boil and simmer pre-programmed settings
• Incorrect cookware detection sensor
• Safety features such as overheat sensor, auto shut-off, and sensor for incorrect voltage supply
• 5 ft. cord length
• 21 temperature levels (100 to 450 degrees F)
• 10 power levels: 500W to 1800W (setting numbers PL1 to PL10)
• Timer for cooking from 0 minutes to 6 hours on lower temperatures.
• Power Source: 110/120 volt, 15A, 60 HZ
• Fuse/Circuit Protection: 250V in-line fuse. Factory replaceable only.
• Weight: 8 lbs
• Dimensions: 16.25" L x 13.25" H x 3.5" W
• ETL Listed: Complies to UL Standard 1026
• FCC Tested: Complies with FCC Rules Part 18
• Supports a maximum weight on the cooktop surface of 60 lbs.
• One Year Warranty

Ideal applications and uses

♥ primary cooktop or as an extra burner
♥ home
♥ office/workplace
♥ gourmet kitchen
♥ boat
♥ RV
♥ food service industry where non-NSF equipment is permitted
♥ dorm or assisted living facility as a main cooking appliance, because it's safer than standard gas or electric stoves
♥ making candy, maintaining oil temperature, sous vide, slow cooking, beer brewing, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQ")

Q1: Will your cookware work with the Max Burton 6600 (or any induction cooking appliance)?

A1: Suitable Cookware: The base of the cookware must be made of ferrous magnetic materials such as cast iron, carbon steel, magnetic stainless steel or cast aluminum with an induction rated base. Not all stainless steel is non-magnetic, and vice-versa.

Unsuitable cookware will result in an E0 error displayed on the LCD, and the cooktop will not operate.

Generally, if a magnet will stick to the bottom of your cookware, then it will work on an induction cooktop. A magnet is included with the 6600 to test your cookware.

If proper cookware is not available, then buy our Induction Interface Disk to allow non-induction cookware to be heated by 6600 and other induction cooktops. There will be reduced efficiency when using an interface disk.

Q2: Will this work to heat 10 gallons for home brewing beer?
A2: According to the manufacturer's manual (link below), the maximum weight load for cookware and contents is 60 lbs. So, the Max Burton 6600 will safely hold about 7 gallons of water, not including the pot. One gallon of water weighs approximately 8.34 lbs. Beer is slightly more dense than water. So 10 gallons of beer not including the pot is ~ 85 lbs. A 10 gallon pot is about 20 lbs, but will vary according to the pot material.


Max Burton 6600 18XL Product Data Sheet

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