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Max Burton ProChef 3000-Watt Commercial Induction Cooktop 6530

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$398.00 - $402.95
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Induction cooking is a completely different way to cook. You can heat dishes twice as fast. Plus, it's much safer than gas or electric tops.

Did you know that you can touch the cooking surface when it is on high? That's because it cooks with electromagnetic waves.

The Max Burton ProChef 3000-Watt Commercial Induction Cooktop 6530 meets ETL Sanitary (NSF-4), ETL-US (UL197) and FCC standards for electric cooking appliances. This cooktop is extremely fast and safe. With just a push of a button you can change the temperature instantly. It is just like cooking with gas but without the potentially dangerous open flame. The cooktop remains cool unless it comes in contact with the pan, so it is safer than a standard stove.

Safety Features:

• Overheat sensor
• Improper voltage supply detection
• Non-suitable cookware detector

Features and Specifications

• Stainless steel body
• Durable, commercial grade materials
• 10 temperature levels (140 degrees to 464 degrees Fahrenheit)
• 13 levels between 500-3000w
• 170-minute timer
• Touch screen controls with function lock
• Auto shut-off
• LED display
• 220 volt - 15 A, 60 Hz
• Output: 500 - 1800W
• 6-foot cord length
• Weighs 15.5 lbs
• Measures 12.87" L x 3.94" H x 15.35" W
• FCC: Complies with FCC Rules Part 18
• ETL-US: Complies to UL Standard 197
• ETL Sanitary: Approved to NSF-4
• One Year Warranty

Easy-to-find induction rated cookware required. For a quick test, simply apply a magnet on your existing cookware. If it sticks it will work. If your cookware isn't compatible, consider this #6010 Induction Interface Disk that allows you to use any cookware with an induction cooktop.

For more information about cooking with an induction cooktop and cookware requirements, check out Cooking With Induction.