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MedCenter Daily Pill-Tablet Organizer-Reminder, optional Alarm

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This portable pill box holds one day of medication.

This compact kit includes a single, four-compartment pill box in a handy and durable nylon case. The MedCenter Daily easily clips to your purse, bag or directly attaches to your belt through the attached plastic clip or integrated belt loop. The Daily Pack comes with an optional 5-alarm watch to remind you when you a dose is due. The kit is compatible with other MedCenter monthly organizers and standard pillbox-sized products.

MedCenter Daily Pill/Tablet Organizer/Reminder
Compact, durable travel case holds four compartments of a daily medicine/vitamin dosage. Shown without optional 5 alarm clock.


• Velcro flap allows quick access to the pill box
• Optional 5-alarm clock with multiple digital functions and backlit display
• Holds a single, daily pill box (included) with four compartments marked with the time of the day
• An XL version with larger pill boxes is available in the Related Gadgets tab below.
• Instructions are available here.

Standard Pill Boxes

Standard MedCenter pill boxes have individual dose compartments that measure roughly 0.94" wide, 1" long, and 0.75" deep on the inside. Each standard pill box contains four of these dose compartments. Standard pill boxes are used in the MedCenter System and all standard MedCenter organizers.

Example of what each standard pill box compartment can hold:

• 16 Advil (64 total per pill box)
• 10 M&M candies (40 candies per pill box)