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MedCenter Deluxe Dual MedCenter System

Original price $112.95 - Original price $117.90
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$112.95 - $117.90
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The Deluxe Dual MedCenter System comes with all the benefits of the original MedCenter System, but with a second 31-day organizer.

Pill compartmets are labeled with different times of the day.

The deluxe pack comes with a special 7-day travel box.

An extra organizer gives you the option to fill the systems just six times each year. Do you have two family members in need of a medication organizer and reminder system? Then, the Deluxe Dual MedCenter System makes an affordable solution.

Your pharmacy might have pre-filled and monthly delivery programs which are designed specifically for the Deluxe Dual MedCenter System. Your pharmacist could pre-fill your empty MedCenter organizer and deliver it straight to your door each month, then exchange the filled organizer for your empty one.

A weekly travel box is included in this special set.


• Tri-date verification: Audible alerts, color-coded and day-labeled pill boxes and clock. These indicate in three different ways the time to assure accuracy.
• Talking alarm provides an audible alerts when it's time to take your medication
• Up to 4 daily alarms alert you when to take medicine
• "Loud" and "Extra Loud" settings help ensure that you hear the alarm
• Red and green color coding indicates when the daily dose is complete

Standard Pill Boxes

Standard MedCenter pill boxes have individual dose compartments that measure roughly 0.94" wide, 1" long, and 0.75" deep on the inside. Each standard pill box contains four of these dose compartments. Standard pill boxes are used in the MedCenter System and all standard MedCenter organizers.

Each standard pill box compartment can hold:

• 16 Advils (64 total per pill box)
• 10 M&Ms (40 pieces per pill box)

One Year Warranty: The MedCenter System is guaranteed to be free of manufacturer defects for ONE YEAR from the date of purchase.