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MedCenter System: Medication reminder with/without voice alert option

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This pill organizer can hold a full month's worth of medication. The talking reminder clock will help keep you on schedule.

Pill compartments are marked with different times of the day.

Taking medicine on a set schedule without an accidental missed dose is important for managing your health. Now that's easier with the MedCenter System.

How does it work?

You can set up to four daily alarms that will signal an alert when your medication is due. It will say and repeat a friendly reminder, notifying you of the date, time, and dose to take. You will hear this message: "Good morning! Please take your morning pills for the 20th." Pressing the "Alarm Acknowledged" button confirms it. The MedCenter Talking Alarm Clock will tell you when the next dose is due.


• Tri-date verification: the audible alerts, pill boxes and clock showing the time assures accuracy
• Talking alarm provides an audible alert when it's time to take your medication
• Up to 4 daily alarms that alert you when it's time to take your meds
• "Loud" and "Extra Loud" settings ensure that you hear the alarm
• Red and green color coding indicates when the daily dose is complete

Standard Pill Boxes

Standard MedCenter pill boxes have individual dose compartments that measure roughly 0.94" wide, 1" long, and 0.75" deep on the inside. Each standard pill box contains four of these dose compartments. Standard pill boxes are used in the MedCenter System and all standard MedCenter organizers.

Each standard pill box compartment can hold:

• 16 Advil (64 total per pill box)
• 10 M&Ms (40 pieces per pill box)

Product dimensions: 10" wide x 8" deep x 7.25" high

One Year Warranty: The MedCenter System is guaranteed to be free of manufacturer defects for ONE YEAR from the date of purchase.

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