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MedCenter Traveler Weekly Medicine Organizer

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The MedCenter Weekly allows you to bring a week's worth of medication on your travels.

This compact travel kit comes with seven pill boxes packed in a handy and durable nylon casing. The MedCenter Traveler easily fits in a suitcase or carry-on bag. It works with the the MedCenter Talking Alarm and MedCenter System (both available in the Related Gadgets tab below).

MedCenter Traveler Weekly Medicine Organizer
Compact, durable travel case holds seven pill boxes with four compartments per day.


• Velcro flap allows quick access to pill boxes
• Compact: saves space in your desk drawer, suitcase or carry-on luggage
• Can hold up to seven pill boxes for a full week's worth of medication
• Four compartments in each included pill box
• Includes seven pill boxes, each labeled for a day of a week
• An XL version with larger pill boxes is available in the Related Gadgets tab below.

Standard Pill Boxes

Standard MedCenter pill boxes have individual dose compartments that measure roughly 0.94" wide, 1" long, and 0.75" deep on the inside. Each standard pill box contains four of these dose compartments. Standard pill boxes are used in the MedCenter System and all standard MedCenter organizers.

Each standard pill box compartment can hold:

• 16 Advil (64 total per pill box)
• 10 M&M candies (40 candies per pill box)