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Navien Flame Rod Ass'y Assembly LP KANTHAL APM

Original price $29.00 - Original price $33.95
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$29.00 - $33.95
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Genuine Navien Flame Rod Ass'y Assembly LP KANTHAL APM for NR, NP, CC, CR series units

Partial list of compatible Navien heaters

NP-180, NP-210, NP-240
NP-180A, NP-210A, NP-240A
NR-180, NR-210, NR-240
NR-180A, NR-210A, NR-240A
CC-180, CC-210 and CC-240

(without dashes:
NP180, NP210, NP240
NP180A, NP210A, NP240A
NR180, NR210, NR240
NR180A, NR210A, NR240A
CC180, CC210 and CC240)

Old Part Numbers: 30004681A PH1603059A 30004681B PH1603059B 30004681C PH1603059C 30004681D PH1603059D 30009881A BH2501680A

FAQs (Frequently Asked Question)

Q1: Do I need to hire a plumber or electrician to install this or can I do it myself?
A1: Navien requires that this part be installed by a licensed professional, and not necessarily by a Navien certified installer, to maintain the warranty. Navien does not include instructions with this item.

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