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Navien OTS-01 Outdoor Temperature Sensor & Wire 30012950A

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Navien NHB and NCB System Outdoor Temperature Sensor & Wire

This outdoor temperature sensor plus wire functions as an outdoor reset for the NCB and NHB series units. The unit is water-resistant, but should only be installed in areas where the sensor is protected from direct drenching from rain, such as under an eave.

You can use a longer wire with 18 gauge wiring (thermostat wiring) with no splices, except at the unit harness connection with the yellow leader wire.


All NHB series boilers: NHB-55, NHB-80, NHB-110, NBH-150 and NCB
Combi-boilers: NCB-150E, NCB-180E, NCB-210E and NCB-240E (as well as the older non-E models).
NFC Fire Tube Combi-boilers: NFC-175, NFC-200

The outdoor sensor and wire is designed to allow outdoor reset functionality on the NCB and NHB series units.

Installation instructions are found on page 80 of the NCB-series Installation Manual.

Old SKU: NASS9EXOTS01. Replaces SKU 30000669A (UPC 884954080055)

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