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Navien Ready-Link Manifold 2 Side-by-Side

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$2,044.00 - $2,073.95
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Ready-Link® Manifold 2 Side-by-Side Kit

Forget about taking the time and effort to gather all the parts needed for a side-to-side installation of all of the following tankless water heater model series: NPE-A, NPE-S, NPN-U and NPN-E.


Make cascading multiple units a faster and easier task. This Ready-Link Manifold can cascade up to 16 units in 2 banks of 8.

Also available for purchase are kits configured for 3 and 4 side-by-side and 2, 4 back-to-back allowing for cascading up to 16 units in 30 different configurations.


What's in the box:
• qty 2 of 3/4" tankless service valves with pressure release valve
• qty 2 of 3/4" NPT ball valve
• qty 2 of 2" end cap, copper
• qty 4 of 2-1/8" strut clamp
• qty 2 of 3/4" x 24" corrugated flex pipe, stainless steel
• qty 2 of 3/4" x 18" corrugated flex pipe, stainless steel
• qty 2 of 1-7/8" OD cushioned strut clamp
• 3/4" x 3/4" adapter
• qty 1 of 1-1/2" FPT union for gas, iron
• qty 2 of 2" coupling, copper
• qty 2 of 1-5/8" x 18" 14ga strut channel
• qty 2 of 3/4" x 30" flex connector for gas, PVC coated stainless steel
• qty 1 of 1-1/2" FPT end cap, galvanized iron
• misc hardware items, bolts

Not included: mounting rack. Side-by-side manifold kits may be used without a rack when mounting on a wall.

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