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NaviLink Conversion Kit to upgrade older Navien NPE series tankless

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4-6 weeks lead time

Upgrade your older Navien NPE-series tankless water heater to work with the NaviLink

This conversion kit will allow NPE-series heaters manufactured before March 22, 2016 to be compatible with the NaviLink wireless controller.

This upgrade kit contains a NaviLink-compatible main PCB controller and front control panel module.

Works with the Navien NPE-150S, NPE-180A, NPE-180S, NPE-210A, NPE-210S, NPE-240A, NPE-240S.

To view and/or buy the NaviLink, click/touch here.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Do I need to hire a plumber or electrician to install this or can I do it myself?
A1: Navien requires that the upgrade be installed by a licensed professional, and not necessarily by a Navien certified installer, to maintain the warranty. Navien does not include instructions with this kit.

Q2: How can I determine whether my unit was manufactured before March 22, 2016?
A2: The serial number of your Navien NPE series unit contains the date code. Here is the key. The fifth and sixth digits are the last two digits of the year. The seventh character is the month unless it is a letter. If it is an X, then the month is October. If Y, then November. If Z, then December. The eigth and ninth digits are the day of the month.
So for example, if the serial number is 7414Z1712461912, then it was produced on January 24, 2017.

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