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Niagara Industries Titan-SCR2 Electronic Digital Tankless Water Heater

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The Titan-SCR2 is the new and more advanced version of the classic Titan-ATC, with even better performance and reliability. The Titan-SCR2 features a manual resettable thermostat, a more accurate and faster temperature sampling system, and a new water/air deferential analyzing system to avoid dry starts, a major problem with other tankless systems.


Heats water only when you need it

By heating water only as needed, the Titan-SCR2 eliminates the need for bulky tanks that need to heat water continuously. This can reduce water heating costs by up to 60% compared to traditional water heaters.

Smart energy management

The Titan-SCR2 has a dedicated digital microprocessor that samples output and input temperatures 21 times per second. The power control system analyzes this data and manages power usage for optimum temperature stability and efficiency. The Titan-SCR2 uses no power while at rest.

Seven models to cover every need

The Titan-SCR2 is available in seven models, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. One Titan-SCR2 unit can supply all the hot water needs of apartments and homes. It can pay for itself in less than one year in energy savings.

Built to last

Thanks to its shielded heating elements and brass/copper casing, the Titan-SCR2 is perfect in any application with exposure to mineral deposits, which can shorten the lifespan conventional water heaters.

Warranty Coverage

All water-carrying components have a 10 year warranty. All other parts are have a 1 year warranty. Installation is quick and easy, with no venting required. Its compact size allows installation almost anywhere.

Titan Heater Specifications

Product Line Model Max KW
Volts Max Amps
Titan-SCR4 N-210 21 KW 240V 88
N-180 18 KW 240V 75
Titan-SCR3 N-160 16 KW 240V 66
Titan-SCR2 N-120 11.8KW 220V 54
N-100 10.8KW 220V 49
N-85 8.5KW 220V 38
N-75 7.5KW 220V 34
N-64 6.4KW 220V 29
N-42 4.2KW 220V 19
N-10 3.2KW 110V 29

* Amperage and wattage are controlled by the Power Mode setting.

Temperature rise in °F
Flow rate
(in GPM)
N-120 N-100 N-85 N-75 N-64 N-42 N-10
1.0 95 87 69 60 51 33 24
1.5 64 58 46 40 35 22 16
2.0 48 44 34 30 26 17
2.5 38 35 28 24 21
3.0 32 29 23
3.5 28 25
4.0 24

Amperage, voltage, wiring, and breaker may vary depending on your local electrical standards. Consult a professional electrician and plumber for guidance.

The Power Mode Control is adjustable, allowing you to decrease or increase water temperature. For best performance adjust the temperature to Medium Flow, approximately 1 GPM, the average water flow on any faucet with an aerator.

Remember that the adjustments you make will take a few seconds to reach point of use. Don't overheat the adjustment. A water temperature of 105 °F to 120 °F is adequate for practical purposes.

Average water consumption

Automatic clothes washer 32
Shower 20
Bath 20
Automatic dishwashing 14
Food preparation 5
Hand and face washing 4
Hair shampoo 4
Manual dishwashing 4
Shaving 2

Recommended models

Application Cold
House N-120 N-100
Apartment N-100 N-85
Efficiency N-85 N-75
Point of use N-64 N-10


User's Manual / Installation Instructions