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Niagara Industries Titan-SCR3 Electronic Digital Tankless Water Heater

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$333.00 - $337.95
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With more than twenty years of experience, Niagara Industries has designed a tankless water heater with outstanding improvements in performance, efficiency, and reliability.


Detailed information display

The Titan-SCR3 displays real time temperature settings, usage and more. Now, you get to know the exact amount of power (amperage, voltage, and even wattage) your heater using.

Smarter control system

The Titan-SCR-3 uses the new "QUAD-4" system which features an improved electronic control system, with dual control stages to respond to broad variations in water flow.

Designed with efficiency in mind

The Titan SCR-3 has been designed specifically for new apartment complexes, where lower line voltage mains have been recently implemented. It was also designed and tested for use with modern water fixtures with Flow Restricted Single Handle Valves and Press Balancing Mixing Valves. It is also capable of operating under normal line voltages with the same high efficiency and accuracy.


Compliance UL 499
Listing # E212386
Tested MET Laboratories
Dade Approval 97-0627.16
NSF/ANSI-372 Certified ETL Laboratories
Dimensions 7" W x 10" H x 3" D
Weight 9 Pounds
Materials Brass and Copper Interior / Steel Casing
Flow Rate Plastics Used
Pipe Fitting 4 GPM
Pressure Requirements 5 PSI-Min./150 PSI-Max
Voltage 208-240 Volts
Elements Dual Nichrome Elements
Energy Efficiency 99.5%
Activation 0.4 GPM-on/ 0.3 GPM-off
Indicators LCD Digital Real Time Readout
Warranty 10 years on casing 1 year on components
Protection Dual Microtemp Sensor - Manually Resettable Thermostat
Technology New "Quad-4" Power Modulation and Control

Temperature rise by flow rate

Flow Rate 1.0 GPM 1.5 GPM 2.0 GPM 2.5 GPM 3.0 GPM 3.5 GPM 3.5 GPM
Temp Rise 109 °F 73 °F 55 °F 44 °F 36 °F 31 °F 27 °F

Titan Heater Specifications

Product Line Model Max KW
Volts Max Amps
Titan-SCR4 N-210 21 KW 240V 88
N-180 18 KW 240V 75
Titan-SCR3 N-160 16 KW 240V 66
Titan-SCR2 N-120 11.8KW 220V 54
N-100 10.8KW 220V 49
N-85 8.5KW 220V 38
N-75 7.5KW 220V 34
N-64 6.4KW 220V 29
N-42 4.2KW 220V 19
N-10 3.2KW 110V 29

User's Manual / Installation Instructions