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Noritz H2F H2flow Anti-Scale Hard Water Treatment System

by Noritz
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$728.93 - $733.88
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The H2Flow Anti-Scale system works with all water heaters and drastically reduces maintenance costs while providing an eco-friendly alternative to water softeners.

The H2Flow Anti-Scale Hard Water Treatment System from Noritz collects unwanted minerals before they get to your tankless water heater, boiler, or tank type water heater. This effectively removes scale from your water, helps reduce lifetime maintenance on your whole piping system, and maintains energy efficiency. The H2Flow a safe, chemical and lead free anti-scale treatment system, creating zero discharge and no backwash. It's the ideal hard water solution.

The H2Flow uses the Template Assisted Crystallization system to attract minerals that would otherwise build up on your heating element and pipes, resulting to scale. The H2Flow is the most economical and effective hard water solution for boilers, tankless, and tank type water heaters. It's a wise choice no matter what hot water system you use.


• Designed to work with any water heater type and manufacturer
• Prolongs the lifespan of your water heater
• Prevents scale formation to improve efficiency
• Does not use chemicals or salt to provide a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional water softeners
• Low Maintenance. Cartridge lasts two years under normal residential use for a four-person family.
• Includes standard 3/4" connections, an inlet ball valve, a mounting bracket and a filter wrench for easy servicing
• Max. Operating Pressure: 90 psi/620.1 kPa
• Max. Operating Temperature: 100°F/38°C
• Gallon Rating: 0.5 to 10 GPM


Replacement Cartridge item number is H2FC.