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Noritz Scale Shield Hard Water Treatment-Filter

by Noritz
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The Noritz Scale Shield is a unique product that provides superior corrosion control and lime scale prevention for your tankless water heater while retaining beneficial minerals in your water.

Choose from the Scale Shield Small or Large isn the option menu next to the price.

A simple glance shows when cartridge replacement is needed, which is once every one to two years for normal residential use. It requires no extra electricity, chemicals, or maintenance.

For homes with have very hard water, the Noritz H2Flow System is recommended. Read Noritz's information about whether you need this item for the water hardness in your area.


• 1 ScaleShield cartridge
• Housing
• Housing wrench tool
• Transparent O-ring

Specification Sheet download

Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQ")

Q1: What is the difference between the SS-HB-1 and SS-HB-2?
The SS-HB-1 is recommended for tankless water heaters up to 10 GPM flow rate. The SS-HB-2 is used for larger tankless water heaters with a BTU rating of 199K or more, and a maximum GPM flow rate of 11 or more.

Q2: How will I know when to replace the cartridge?
A2: Nortiz recommends replacing the cartridge when it is dissolved near the bottom of the housing.